Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch: How it Works and How to Use

Xbox and Nintendo Switch are the two popular gaming providers that transformed the video game experience with Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch. Xbox Live is an online multiplayer game, and it will allow you to play exclusive games, download demo games, and play games online on multiple platforms. Its subscriptions are available for one-month, three-month, and one year. There are two subscription options Free or Silver and Gold. In addition to gaming consoles and PC, Xbox Live can be accessed on Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Live Gold subscription costs $9.99 per month, $25 for 3 months, and $60 for one year. In order to take it on Xbox one, you need the Gold membership. But still, you can enjoy free membership on Windows 10 and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch: Where it all started

Minecraft was the first game to be compatible with Switch when Microsoft announced that it would add the support of Xbox Network features on Nintendo Switch. Minecraft uses the Xbox Network to save players’ content. In addition, it supports crossplay between devices. i.e., The users can enjoy cross-platform access to Minecraft by playing it with others who play it from PC, phone, Xbox One, or PS4. Not only Minecraft but also other Nintendo Switch games that are yet to be rolled out in the future. With Xbox Live on Switch, you can get various benefits like online chat, cloud saves, friends list, etc.

Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch

How to Get Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch

Xbox Live is an online service. We cannot buy the subscription on Nintendo Switch directly. You need to link your Xbox account to Nintendo Switch consoles. You can create an Xbox account for free. This account to mandatory to access Xbox Live on other gaming consoles.

1. Create an Xbox account from the website.

2. Log in to the Xbox account on your Nintendo Switch game.

Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch: Available Games

Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch

As said earlier, Minecraft is the one that is already rolled out. You can access all the properties and achievements on both devices. After Minecraft, Cuphead, and Hellblade-Senua’s Sacrifice are available on Nintendo Switch.

Project X cloud

Project xCloud

Microsoft is planning on a cast-like feature with Xbox. Project xCloud, still in Preview mode, allows you to cast games from Xbox consoles to other devices like smartphones, PC, and other gaming consoles. It is expected to launch at the end of 2020.

Finally, this is ain’t a big deal. They are yet in the infant phase. But this is gonna be a big milestone in the gaming industry. Get ready to witness some massive features and upgrades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can. As of now, only Minecraft is available to play on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Can you use your Microsoft account on Nintendo Switch?

You can link your Microsoft account to your Nintendo Switch console to get Xbox Live. But it is not mandatory.

Is Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch?

Yes. Xbox Live is on Switch, and the users can experience live gameplay.

How to play Xbox games on Nintendo Switch?

You can create an Xbox account and log in to it to play the Nintendo Switch games.