How to Fix Yospace Error Code [Easy Guide]

Yospace Error Code

Yospace is a digital video distribution company founded in 1999 that broadcasts NBC, BBC, Sky, Vodafone, etc. It enables the ads in both live streams and on-demand viewing. Recently, NBC users who use the Yospace technology to stream NBC games are getting Yospace error codes. It may also occur due to server issues where the player will find it difficult to connect to the Yospace server. It is to note that the Yospace Error Code has been most commonly witnessed while streaming NBA League Pass. However, you will find no official update about the cause of the error from the developer’s end. Here, we have a list of troubleshooting tips that will resolve and fix the error. Have a look at the below article to fix Yospace error codes 7012 and 503.

How to Fix Yospace Error Code

When you get a Yospace Error, use the below fixes to resolve it.

  • Check the Internet Connection
  • Update the App
  • Change Device
  • Update OS
  • VPN Issue
  • Reload the page
  • Clear Cache and Cookies
  • Disable Browser Extensions
  • Contact Support Team

[1] Check the Internet Connection

If your internet or data connection is not stable, you might get an error while streaming the application. So, check your internet connection and speed. If the connection is not good, try using the mobile data or WiFi and vice versa.

[2] Reload the Page

When you get the specific error code, reload the page. You can simply press Ctrl+ R or F5 or press the reload icon. Sometimes, this will solve the error code. If still the error appears, then move to the next solution.

Yospace Error Code- Reload the page

[3] Update the App

It is better to use the updated version of the app. Sometimes, the outdated app may not support and result in getting the error code. So check for the new update. If available, update it.

Yospace Error Code- Update app

[4] Change Device

You can try using the Yospace app on different devices and see if the error occurs. If the error gets cleared, the issue might be on your streaming device.

[5] Update OS

Like updating the app, you can also try updating your device’s OS. Sometimes the outdated OS will not support the latest version of the application. So update your device.

Update your device OS

[6] Disable VPN

VPN will also be the reason to get the error code. If you’re using the VPN and it is activated, go to the settings and deactivate it. It might sometimes fix the problem.

Disable VPN

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[7] Clear Cache and Cookies

Another best fix to resolve the Yospace Error Code is to remove cache or cookies. On your respective browser, go to Settings and select Clear Browsing Data. It will clear all the cached images and files stored on your browser.

 Clear Cache and Cookies

[8] Disable Browser Extensions

Few browsers like Chrome will turn off one or more of your extensions to keep your data safe while browsing the internet. In this case, you will get the error while accessing the Yospace. To disable it, launch Chrome >  click More > select More tools > choose Extensions > click Remove.

[9] Contact Support Team

If none of the solutions seems to work and still Yospace keeps showing connection issues, reach out to the support team. The Yospace support center can offer guidance and reliable solutions to resolve the error.

Contact help center


How does Yospace work?

Yospace video content distribution services enable the ads to be exchanged during the video stream, both in live streams and on-demand viewing.

Why can’t I watch games on NBA League Pass?

Few games may be restricted in your region. You can change your IP address and location by using the VPN and stream your favorite games.