How to Fix YouTube TV Error Code 3

YouTube Error Code 3

Have you got interrupted by YouTube TV error code 3 while streaming YouTube TV and looking for the fixes? Fortunately, you can resolve the error easily with the fixes given in this article. YouTube TV is one of the well-known streaming services available in the US. You will get YouTube TV free trial for 14 -days, and it offers 85+ live TV channels. In addition, you can watch thousands of on-demand title content that allows watching various other TV programs, movies, series, TV shows, and local TV channel networks. However, like every online streaming service, YouTube TV is also prone to many interrupting errors. YouTube TV error code 3 is one such playback error. Let’s see the possible causes and fixes to resolve the error.

What is YouTube Error Code 3

YouTube TV error code 3 is a playback error that occurs when there is an issue with network or internet connectivity. The error pops up with a message “YouTube is unavailable. Please try again later” or “YouTube has stopped.”

You also encounter these error messages when you connect YouTube TV to TV immediately after its standby mode. Click Cancel and try again later. Always wait for a few seconds and provide the time needed for the TV to connect to the network after being in standby mode.

YouTube TV error code 3

Possible Causes of YouTube TV Error Code 3

YouTube TV error code 3 arises due to poor internet connectivity that troubles your streaming device to establish a stable connection to the YouTube TV server. The possible causes for the error include,

  • Poor or unstable internet connectivity
  • Downtime on the YouTube TV server
  • Linking more than 3 devices to a network.
  • Loaded cache memory.
  • Temporary malfunction of app/device.

How to Fix YouTube TV Error Code 3

You can fix the YouTube TV Error Code 3 by following techniques.

  • Restart/relaunch the YouTube TV app
  • Check your internet connection
  • Power recycle your devices
  • Disconnect the other devices
  • Reinstall/ Update the app
  • Clear cache on the YouTube TV app
  • Check YouTube TV server status

Restart/Relaunch YouTube TV App

Many users experienced the disappearance of error messages on YouTube TV after restarting or relaunching the application. So, restart the app and check whether the error message is gone. If the error persists, try the following solutions.

Check Your Internet Connection

More often, video streaming errors are due to a poor or fluctuating internet connection. It appears mainly due to unstable internet connectivity. So, check the internet connection whenever you encounter error messages.

  • Instead of Wifi, use an ethernet cable to have a stable internet connection.
  • Move your streaming devices near to the router/modem
  • Place the router/modem off the floor on a table or bookshelf to receive better signal strength.
  • Check whether the signal strength is at least 5 Mbps speed to stream videos on the YouTube TV app.

Power Recycle Your Devices

Power Recycling your streaming device and router/modem is a simple hack that can fix the YouTube TV error code 3. Power Recycling refreshes the connections and fixes temporary glitches in the network that resolves most streaming errors. To power recycle, follow the below steps.

YouTube TV error code 3
  1. Power off your modem/router and your streaming device.
  2. Then, unplug all the devices from the power source and leave it idle for 5 minutes
  3. If you are streaming with your smartphone, put your phone in flight mode.
  4. Then, plugin and reconnect all the devices once again
  5. .Turn on the modem/router and streaming devices and check whether the error got fixed.

With this troubleshooting tip, you can even fix YouTube TV Error Code 137 as it appears when there is an issue with the internet connectivity.

Disconnect the Other Devices

In many cases, YouTube TV error code 3 pops up when you try to stream YouTube TV from more than 3 devices. You can stream on your television receiver only on a limited number of devices, and it’s not advisable to connect many devices like your mobile, earphone, laptop, and tablet simultaneously.

Reinstall/Update YouTube TV App

Occasionally, YouTube TV error code 3 pop-up when your app is outdated and needs to be updated. It occurs due to malfunctioning of the app or underlying bugs or glitches, which will get resolved by updating or reinstalling the app. Check whether you have installed the latest system updates on your device. If not, update it to the newest available version of the YouTube TV app. Also, you can try uninstalling the YouTube TV app on your device and reinstalling it again. Sign in and try streaming your video again.

Clear Cache on YouTube TV App

YouTube TV uses a cache to load and stream video continuously. Meanwhile, lots of cache data get accumulated on your device. When your streaming device does not have enough storage space to store the cache, it throws YouTube TV error code 3. To resolve the error, try to clear the cache on the app by following the steps,

  • On your YouTube TV app, go to Settings and then select Apps.
  • In the list of apps, select YouTube TV and choose Storage.
  • Finally, click Clear cache.

Check YouTube TV Server Status

In rare scenarios, YouTube TV errors may arise due to downtime in the YouTube TV server. To know whether the issue is on the server side, visit the YouTube TV official site and check whether the users have reported any outrage or server is under maintenance. If you notice any server outages, wait until the server returns to normal, and then try streaming YouTube TV.

You may also encounter YouTube TV error code 3 when you didn’t allow YouTube TV to access your location. Turning on permissions for the service to access your location will resolve the error. If all these fixing techniques fail miserably and have no effect on resolving the error, then contact the YouTube TV support team for assistance. The team will guide you further to solve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if YouTube TV is not working?

If YouTube TV does not work properly, then you can troubleshoot the video streaming issues by following the steps described above.

How many YouTube TV accounts can I have?

On YouTube TV, Family group members can use up to three separate devices at the same time.