How to Install and Use Zoom on Firestick [2022]

Zoom On Firestick

Zoom is a one-stop destination to connect, communicate, and conduct online meetings. It is a cloud-based service where you can conduct video conferencing and video calling or host online classes and online training sessions. It even works the best if you want to make video calls to friends and family. Zoom ensures the best video meeting quality, and you can get your work done remotely. Zoom is available for different devices officially. Some of you might want to experience Zoom video calls from TVs like Amazon Firestick. However, the process isn’t straightforward as Zoom requires a microphone and webcam support. But you can still access Zoom on Amazon Fire Stick and connect with up to 100 people remotely over a video call or conferencing.

With Firestick connected to a stable internet or WIFI, you will experience video and audio calls of the best quality. It supports sharing screens with others to let them see your media, documents, PPT, etc. You can use Zoom on Fire TV Stick to record the video to review it later.

Zoom Subscription Plans & Pricing

There are four different plans, and you shall pick the one based on your need to get Zoom for Firestick.

  • Basic: Free version to connect 1-on-1 meetings for an unlimited duration. It supports group calls for 40 minutes for up to 100 participants.
  • Pro: It costs $14.99/month/license. It is great to conduct small meetings for up to 30 hours and stream on social media. It supports the recording feature.
  • Business: It is priced at $19.99/month/license and works great for small and medium businesses. You can conduct meeting with up to 300 participants at the maximum.
  • Enterprise: It supports 500 participants and can be used by enterprises. The price differs based on the organization and includes unlimited cloud storage.

Zoom Meeting on Amazon Fire Stick: Things to Consider

Speaking of Video calling, using the Amazon Firestick comes with its own consequences. There are lots of difficulties in making a video call on Amazon Firestick.

  • First of all, there is no webcam support. You need to buy an additional camera. But it wouldn’t support the USB-based one, and there comes the need for an adapter.
  • Secondly, you need a microphone to communicate with the opposite party for your voice to be heard while using Zoom on Firestick. You can use the Alexa features, but then that would require Alexa speakers or Echo.
  • Moreover, you can communicate only with the Echo users. It means the person you are communicating with should also use the Echo device to communicate.

If you have all of these, then you can start using the Zoom app on Firestick by downloading the app from Amazon App Store.

The more practical way to use video calling on Amazon Firestick is casting from the smartphone or Windows or Mac PC to your TV. In other words, you shall screen mirror, which saves some space as you don’t have to install the app on Firestick. All the controls remain with your mobile, the camera, the microphone, etc. The video call can be mirrored on your TV.

How to Get Zoom on Firestick in 2022

You can use Zoom on Amazon Firestick in either of the following ways.

  • Download Zoom on Firestick from Amazon App Store
  • Sideload Zoom on Firestick Via Downloader
  • Screen Mirror Smartphone or computer

How to Install Zoom on Firestick

Quick Guide: On Fire TV home, select Find tab >> Search tile >> type as Zoom >> select the app >> click Get >> select Open.

1). Set up your Firestick and connect it to the internet.

Firestick Home

2). From the home screen, go to the Search option.

3). Type Zoom with the help of the on-screen keyboard and remote.

4). Choose Zoom from the search results.

5). On the app info page, click Get or Download.

6). The app will be downloaded and installed on your Firestick.

7). Open the app and log in to your Zoom account.

8). You will find four options: New Meeting, Join, Calendar, and Share Screen.

Choose the New Meeting to organize the meeting and Join if you want to join any meeting.

FYI: It is possible to access Zoom Meetings on Roku Connected TV, which involves casting from a phone or PC.

How to Download Zoom on Firestick Via Downloader

You can get access to Zoom on Fire TV with the help of Downloader. i.e., you shall sideload the Zoom app on Firestick. Carry out the below steps with the installation of the Downloader app on your Fire TV.

1). On the Fire remote, press the Home button to select the Gear icon on the menu bar.

2). Navigate to click on the My Fire TV tile.

Zoom on Firestick

3). On the following window, select the Developer Options.

4). Choose the Install Unknown Apps option.

Zoom on Firestick

5). Select the Downloader and turn it On.

Zoom on Firestick

6). Now, you should get back to Fire TV home to launch the Downloader.

7). Highlight the Browse tab on the left pane on Downloader.

8). Click on the URL field on the right pane to type as Zoom and click Go.

  • Optionally, you shall even input the Zoom apk URL link and press Go and skip to step 11).
Type Zoom

9). Select the Download Center – Zoom link.

Zoom on Firestick - Select Download Center Zoom

10). Hover to click on the Download from Zoom button.

Download from Zoom

11). With this, Zoom will download on your Fire TV.

12). Click Install to confirm your action. The installation will take some time.

Click Install

13). Once done, you will find App installed notification. Click on the Launch now pop-up.

Zoom on Firestick - Launch Now

14). Select Done to launch the app later or click Open to access it instantly.


15). To remove the apk, click on the Delete button twice.

Delete Zoom Apk

How to Screen Mirror Zoom on Firestick

First, you need to prepare your Firestick to accept the screen mirroring.


1. Set up Firestick – Mirroring

1). Set your Amazon Firestick with your TV. Turn it on and connect it to the Wi-Fi network.

2). Tap and hold the home button for three seconds on your Firestick remote until you see Menu options.

Mirror to Firestick
Mirror to Firestick

3). Select the Mirroring option.

Screen Mirror Firestick
Screen Mirror Firestick

4). A message stating ‘While the screen is open, guest devices can wirelessly mirror their display to “Your name” Fire TV Stick.’

5). Now, your Firestick is ready to accept the display of your smartphone or PC.

2. Set up Zoom Meeting

1). Open the Zoom website. Or open the Zoom app on your smartphone.

2). Log in to your account or sign up for a new account.

3). If you want to host a meeting, choose New Meeting. Or, if you want to join a meeting, then click Join.

4). Proceed with the on-screen instructions. Invite the contacts and select the mode of the meeting etc.

Zoom website or the app interface is very intuitive, so it would be easier for you to create a new meeting or even to attend one.

Screen Mirror Zoom on Firestick: Using Android Devices

  • 1). On your Android smartphone, go to Settings. Or you can find the Cast option on the Control Center.
Cast icon on Android Control Center
Cast icon on Android Control Center

2). Connect your Android phone and the Firestick to the same Wi-Fi network.

3). Or try searching any of the terms in the Settings.

4). Tap on the three-dotted menu options.

Android - Screen Mirroring

5). Check the box near Enable Wireless Display.

6). Choose Firestick from the list of available devices.

7). Now, you can stream the video calls to Firestick.

Few Android devices wouldn’t support the screen mirroring option. You can download a third-party app like Cast to TV in those cases.

1). Download the Cast to TV app from the Play Store on your mobile.

2). Connect your Android phone and the Firestick to the same Wi-Fi network.

3). Launch the app on your phone.

4). The app will search and find the devices available.

5). Choose the Firestick and then start streaming.

FYI: Besides Firestick, you shall even use the Zoom Meeting App on Apple TV and connect with friends or coworkers.

Screen Mirror Zoom on Firestick: Using Windows PC

1). Click on the Notification icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

2). Choose the Connect option.

Action Center - Windows PC
Action Center – Windows PC

3). Make sure to connect your PC and the Firestick to the same Wi-Fi network.

4). Choose the Firestick from the list of available devices.

5). Once the screen is mirrored, go to the browser and stream the Zoom call.

How to Use Zoom on Firestick

With the Firestick Zoom app installation, you shall proceed further to know the steps to use it.

1). On your Fire TV remote, press the Home button and select the Apps tile.

2). Now, navigate to the bottom to highlight the Zoom app tile.

3). Press the Options button on the remote and choose to Move to Front or Move. With this, you can use Zoom on Firestick from the home screen.

4). Now, use the directional button to move Zoom to the top row. Press the Select button to save the changes.

5). When the Zoom home screen loads up, click on the Join a Meeting button to enter the meeting ID and join the Zoom meeting on Firestick hosted by someone.

  • In addition to this, you can join a meeting on Fire TV from your calendar linked with Alexa. For this, you should say the command, “Alexa, join my meeting.” With this, Alexa will track the meeting details from your calendar, and you can join the meeting.
  • Those signed into the Zoom for the Home app on Firestick can command “Alexa, open the Zoom app.” With this, select the Join button, and you can take part in the meeting that is about to take place.
  • If you want to conduct a meeting, you need to enter the Zoom account login details.

These were all the possible ways in which you can install the Zoom Fire TV app. It is the best option to conduct meeting for both professional and personal needs. Although you need to look for a webcam and microphone supports, connecting with Zoom meeting on TV with Firestick is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zoom work on Firestick?

Yes, you can get Zoom Meetings on Firestick or Fire TV Stick and use it.

How do I cast a Zoom meeting on my Firestick?

You can use the built-in Mirroring option in the Firestick’s Quick Menu to cast the app.

Can you get Zoom on Firestick?

Yes. You can download Zoom on Firestick 4K as the app is on the Amazon App Store, or you can cast it from a PC or phone.