Ad Blocker For Firestick: How to Block Ads on Firestick

Firestick is one of the most used streaming devices. It comes with a lot of streaming apps to make us enjoy our favorite media content. We get frustrated when getting ads while streaming the contents on Firestick. We all love to watch movies and TV shows without any interruption. But Firestick doesn’t come with AdBlock support. So we need to use a third-party Ad Blocker app for Firestick to block ads and pop-ups on Firestick.

You may find a lot of AdBlock applications, but most of them don’t work well, and they fail to block ads. So we have come with the wonderful adblocker called Blokada. Blokada app really does an extreme job of blocking ads and pop-ups on Firestick.

Steps to Install Ad Blocker for Firestick

1. Select Settings on your Firestick home screen.

click on settings - Ad Blocker for Firestick

2. In that, select the My Fire TV/ Device option.

select my fire tv

3. On the next screen, click on Developers options.

select developer options - Ad Blocker for Firestick

4. Next, turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

turn on apps from unknown sources

5. Then, select Turn On for confirmation.

select turn on - Ad Blocker for Firestick

6. Now, return back to your Firestick home screen and click on the Search icon.

7. Next, type Downloader in the search bar.

search for downloader - Ad Blocker for Firestick

8. Select the Downloader app from the search results.

select the downloader app from the search results

9. Click on Get or Download to install the Downloader app.

click on download - Ad Blocker for Firestick

10. Once the app is downloaded, click on Open to launch the app.

launch the downloader app

11. You will get the Downloader app’s home page.

12. In that, enter the URL and click on Go.

enter in the URL field to download blokada

13. Now, you will be redirected to the browser section where the Blokada website will load up.

14. In that, click on the Menu icon from the top right corner of the screen.

select menu from the screen

15. Next, click Download from the menu.

select download - Ad Blocker for Firestick

16. Then, you will get different versions of the Blokada app. Select any one of them.

Select any one versions of Blokada app

17. Wait till your file gets downloaded.

wit for the download -Ad Blocker for Firestick

18. Once downloaded, click on INSTALL.

click on install to install blokada on firestick

19. Now, the Blokada app will start installing on Firestick.

Blokada will be installed in Firestick

20. Click on Done.

Done - Ad Blocker for Firestick

21. Then, select the Delete button.

Click on delete on the screen

22. Once again, click on the Delete button to delete the downloaded APK.

click delete to delete the downloaded APK file

How to Block Ads on Firestick with Blokada

1. Launch the Blokada app on your Firestick.

launch the blokada app

2. Click on the Power button to activate the ad blocker on Firestick.

click on the power button

3. Now, click on OK to allow the connection.

click on ok to connect

4. Blokada app is turned on.

the ads will be blocked in Firestick

5. If an ad is blocked, you will get an interface like the image given below.

Blocked ads - Ad Blocker for Firestick

If you want to block the ads for a particular site using Blokada, then follow the guidelines given below.

1. Launch the Blokada app and click on the highlighted icon on the screen.

launch the blokada app

2. Now, select Ad blocking on the screen.

select ad blocking

3. Then, select Host Log to review all the blocked and allowed requests of Blokada.

select host log - Ad Blocker for Firestick

4. Now, you will get the list of all blocked contents on the screen.

blocked contents will be shown on the screen

5. Then, click on Allowed Hosts to allow the request and Blocked Hosts to block the specific website.

you can see the specific blocked websites

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Blokada work on Firestick?

Blokada is an open-source Firestick adblocker. It works well with Firestick devices.

2. How do I block Hulu ads on Firestick?

With the Blokada, you can block ads from the Hulu app.