Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch: Is it Possible?

Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch

After Netflix, Amazon Prime is the most popular streaming service used across the world. Costing $119 per year, it lets you watch popular movies, TV shows, documentaries, web series, kids’ shows, and Amazon Originals. The service is widely supported in most countries, and one can access this service easily with the help of a web browser. But, Amazon also offers standalone apps for devices like Android, iPhone, Smart TVs, Gaming consoles, and Streaming Devices. For gaming consoles, it supports Xbox One and PS4. But, what about Nintendo Switch? Is Amazon Prime Video available on Nintendo Switch? Let’s find the answers to these questions.

Is it Possible to Watch Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch?

Like Android and iOS devices, Nintendo Switch has a dedicated app store called Nintendo eShop. It provides you access to download apps like YouTube, Hulu, and more. Unfortunately, you can’t find the Amazon Prime app on the store. Hence, it is impossible to download Amazon Prime on Switch.

Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch

As Amazon Prime Video is also accessible on Web version, we tried the Amazon Prime Video URL ( on the hidden browser of Nintendo Switch. While trying that, the browser failed to load the URL. Then, how to watch Amazon Prime Videos on Nintendo Switch? There is a way available. For this, your console must run on a software version of 3.0. In that case, you can jailbreak your device to access Prime Video. But, it gives you access only to load Amazon Prime URL and you can’t install the standalone app.

As of now only YouTube and Hulu are officially available on the Nintendo eShop.

In simple words, you must use other compatible devices to stream Amazon Prime Videos. If you want to stream it on Nintendo Switch, you have to wait for the official support.

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