How to Play Apple Music on Roku [Easy Ways]

Apple Music on Roku

Apple Music has the greatest source of music and features more than 90 million songs. The best thing about Apple Music is it is an ad-free music streaming service. It even supports downloading tracks and playing them in offline mode. Since it supports Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, you will get a lossless audio experience. Apple Music brings in time-synced lyrics. It brings in personalized mixes and recommendations based on the music you listened to. While Apple Music is accessible from different devices, this section is all about Apple Music on Roku.

Can I Stream Apple Music on Roku?

Important Update: Yes. Roku finally received Apple Music support on May 02, 2022, and is available on the Channel Store. With this, the users can get a personalized music experience and music videos in 4k now on their Roku TV.

Earlier, the users could not access the Apple Music app as the media player doesn’t support AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) files. Apple Music files are protected with DRM, and they cannot be accessed from any non-Apple device.

How to Get Apple Music on Roku?

Quick Guide: Select Streaming Channels >> click Search Channels >> search Apple Music >> click Add Channel >> select Go to Channel >> sign in and listen to music.

(1). Connect your Roku to the TV and then to the internet connection.

(2). Navigate on the Roku home to choose the Streaming Channels option.

Apple Music on Roku

(3). Select the Search Channels option to proceed.

Apple Music on Roku

(4). With the help of the on-screen keys, type as Apple Music.

(5). Hover to click the Add Channel button to download the app.

(6). After the download, select Go to Channel to open the music player.

(7). Provide the Apple login details to start listening to your favorite music tracks.

How to Add Apple Music Via Roku Website

(1). Launch a web browser on your PC or smartphone and visit the Roku Channel Store (

Select Sign in

(2). Hover to click on the Sign in link at the top-right.

(3). Enter the login details as your Roku TV to access your Roku account on the browser.

(4). Now, start searching for the Apple Music app and select it when you get any suggestions.

Select Apple Music

(5). Click on the Apple Music tile and tap on the Add Channel button.

Add Channel - Apple Music on Roku

(6). Now, refresh your TV, and you will find the Apple Music channel on it.

How to Play Apple Music on Roku

The other possible way to listen to Apple Music is with the help of a music converter. The converter will remove the DRM and convert the Apple Music into MP3 format.


  • Windows or Mac PC
  • Any Music Converter app
  • USB Drive
  • Roku Media Player Channel

Convert Apple Music

(1). Launch Apple Music Converter app on your computer or desktop. You can download the Apple Music Converter software from its website.

(2). Look for the +Add option and click on it to import the downloaded Apple Music files.

Click Add

(3). Select the Output Format as MP3.

Choose Output Format

(4). Navigate to click on the Convert button to let the music converter convert the DRM file into MP3.

Converting Process -  Apple Music on Roku

(5). Now, connect a USB drive to your Windows or Mac PC and copy the converted music files into it.

Procedure to Stream Apple Music

(1). Connect the USB drive to the Roku media player’s USB port. Only a selected Roku player has a USB port.

(2). Select the Audio tile when it shows you the different media formats.

Roku Media Player -  Apple Music on Roku

(3). Go to the location on your USB drive to choose the Apple Music track you want to play.

How to Play Apple Music on Roku from iPhone

Some Roku devices are compatible with the AirPlay support, especially the latest Roku devices. With that, you can cast the music files from your iPhone or iPad to your Roku.

(1). After enabling AirPlay on Roku, connect it to the same WIFI as iPhone.

(2). Now, open the Apple Music app on your iPhone and click the AirPlay icon.

(3). Choose your TV and you will find the Apple Music screen from iPhone on your TV

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Apple Music on Roku?

Yes. You can download Apple Music on Roku as it is officially available.

Is Apple Music on Roku?

Yes. The service has been rolled out on May 02, 2022, for the Roku TV devices officially.

Can I play Apple Music on Roku?

Yes. You can stream Apple Music on Roku TV after adding the channel from the Roku Channel Store.

Can you listen to Apple Music on Roku for free?

Apple Music is a subscription service and those new users can only stream it for free with the free trial.

Does Apple Music for Roku support Spatial Audio?

No. As of May 03, 2022, Roku doesn’t include Spatial Audio support.