How to Install and Use MX Player on Roku

MX Player on Roku

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  • MX Player is not available on the Roku Channel Store.
  • However, you can screen mirror the entire device to stream MX Player on Roku from an Android and iPhone.
  • Using Windows, you can cast the MX player to Roku with the help of a Chrome browser.
  • In addition, you can screen mirror the MX Player on Roku from a Mac by connecting to the same Wifi connection.

MX Player is a popular video player and streaming app that offers movies, TV shows, Series, and News on your Roku. As this player is not available to download on Roku from the Channel store, you need to cast or screen mirror the app content using the smartphone and PC. With the MX Player on your Roku, you can watch all the content in ten different regional languages. Apart from this, it comes with different features like subtitles, kids lock, and file sharing.

In this article, we have clearly explained all the possible ways to stream the video content of MX Player on Roku.

How to Screen Mirror MX Player on Roku

Before you begin, make sure to turn on screen mirroring on Roku (Settings → System → Screen Mirroring → Screen Mirroring mode → Always Allow).

Screen Mirror MX Player Using Android

1. Connect your Roku to the WIFI and attach your smartphone to the same WIFI.

2. Download and install the MX Player app from the Play Store on your Android smartphone.

3. Pull down the Notification Panel on your Android device and tap the Cast icon.

4. Select your Roku device from the list of available devices.

5. Now, your Android device’s screen will be mirrored to your Roku.

6. Play any of your favorite content from the MX app and watch them on your Roku.

Screen Mirror MX Player Using Windows

1. Connect your Windows PC/Laptop and Roku to the same wifi network.

2. Now, open any browser on your Windows PC/Laptop and visit the official website of MX Player.

3. Sign in using your mobile number or email address.

4. Now, press the Windows+K keys on your keyboard simultaneously and select the Connect tile option.

5. From the Connect window, select your Roku device from the list.

6. Now, your Windows computer’s display will get mirrored to your Roku TV.

7. Go back to the MX Player platform’s official webpage and play any of your desired videos.

8. Now, you can enjoy watching your desired content on your Roku.

How to AirPlay MX Player on Roku

To AirPlay the content from your Apple device, you must enable the AirPlay feature on your Roku device (Settings → Apple AirPlay & HomeKit → Turn on AirPlay).

1. Connect Roku to the WiFi network, the same as your Apple device.

2. Open the App Store and install the MX Player app. Mac users need to visit the official website of the MX Player on either Safari or Chrome browser.

3. Go to the Control Center and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.

4. From the list of available devices, select your Roku device.

5. Now, your Apple device’s screen will be mirrored to Roku.

6. Launch the MX Player app and sign in using the credentials.

7. Play any of your favorite movies or series and watch them on your TV.


1. Is MX Player available on Roku?

No, you cannot find the Player on the Roku Channel Store as it is not available on Roku.

2. Can you watch free movies on MX Player?

Yes, without any subscription, you can stream the free movies available on the MX Player.