How to Install and Stream AT&T TV on Firestick

AT&T TV is the largest television streaming platform that provides Live TV. The app not only offers Live TV but also provides you with hundreds and hundreds of on-demand TV shows and movies. Now, you can stream the AT&T TV app on your Firestick. The steps given in this article will help you install AT&T TV quickly on your Firestick.

AT&T TV logo- AT&T TV On Firestick

AT&T TV is an entertainment package that includes movies, Drama, sports, kid’s content, and events. The app allows you to watch everything by subscribing to it. Based on the subscription, it gives you cloud DVR storage. With the DVR storage, you can schedule the DVR recording without any hardware.

Subscription of AT&T TV

The pricing of AT&T TV comes with different packages.

  • Entertainment – $93/month
  • Optimo Mas – $86/month
  • Choice – $110/month
  • Xtra – $124/month
  • Ultimate – $135/month
  • Premier- $183/month

How to Install AT&T TV on Firestick

Now, it easy to install and download the AT&T TV app on Firestick. You need to just follow the simple instruction given below.

[1] Turn on your Firestick and go to the home screen page.

[2] Using the Firestick TV remote, navigate to the Magnifying glass icon to get the Search option.

select search icon- AT&T TV On Firestick

[3] On the search box, enter the AT&T TV app name by using the virtual keyboard.

type the app name- AT&T TV On Firestick

[4] Now, you will get the suggestion list on your screen.

[5] Choose the AT&T TV app from the available list.

[6] On the app info page, select the Get option to download the app.

[7] Once the app finishes downloading, navigate to your Home page.

[8] You can see the AT&T TV app on the Your apps & channels section.

[9] Now, the app successfully got installed on your Firestick device.

How to Activate AT&T TV on Firestick

After installing the app, you need to activate the account by subscribing to it. Follow the steps mentioned below to activate your AT&T account.

[1] Launch the web browser on your PC or Smartphone.

[2] Go and search for

[3] On the top right corner of the homepage, you will find the Start streaming option. Click on it.

select start streaming option- AT&T TV On Firestick

[4] Now, select the Package that you prefer, and then click the Add option that appears below the package name.

choose the payment and click add- AT&T TV On Firestick

[5] Once you added the package, click the Continue option.

[6] On the next step, click the Create Account & checkout option to create an account.

select checkout

[7] On the respective field, enter your name and email address and provide the required details.

enter the required details

[8] After entering your details, click Continue.

[9] Next, click Continue to payment by entering your account information.

[10] Finally, click Submit Order to make your payment process.

[11] Now, the AT&T TV app is activated successfully on your Firestick.

You can watch all the TV shows and movies on your big screen after making the subscription payment. We hope this article helped you out in a better way.

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1. How much does AT&T TV app costs?

The package starts from $83 to $189. You will get the number of channels based on the package.

2. Can we get the AT&T TV app for free?

You can get the app content for free for 14 days free trial, and then you have to buy a subscription.

3. Do we have the option to cancel the subscription?

Yes. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want. You need to cancel the subscription within 14 days of purchase to get the full refund amount.