How to Install Bloomberg on Roku [Easy Ways]

We came across a lot of news streaming apps, and Bloomberg is the most popular one. Bloomberg is one of the world’s largest news providing platform which delivers 24 hours news about global, business, technology, culture, and politics. Besides this, you can even get the financial news, market analysis, top interviews, breaking news, and live programming. The Bloomberg app is officially available on the Roku store, so it is quite easy for you to install.

Bloomberg gives you the personal portfolio regarding your future, region, currency, commodities, bond, and equity indexes. Apart from the video content, you can even get the news on radio shows and podcasts.

How to Install Bloomberg on Roku

[1] Switch on your smart TV and connect the Roku device to it.

[2] On the home page, select the Streaming Channels option.

Bloomberg on Roku - Streaming channels

[3] Next, scroll down to the Search channel option and click it.

Bloomberg on Roku - Search channel

[4] In the search bar, type Bloomberg and search for it.

Bloomberg on Roku - Type Bloomberg

[5] You will see the search result, select the Bloomberg channel from it.

[6] Then, click Add channel option for downloading the app.

[7] Once downloaded, click OK.

[8] Click the Go to channel to open the Bloomberg app on your Roku device.

Alternative Method to Install Bloomberg on Roku

[1] Form your PC browser, go to the Roku Channel Store website.

[2] Then, log in to the Roku account synced with the Roku device.

[3] Now, select the Search bar and type Bloomberg.

[4] On the app info page, select Add channel option.

[5] The Bloomberg app will now get installed on your Roku device.

[6] Open the Bloomberg app and get all the trending news.

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1. How can I watch Bloomberg TV for free on Roku?

With Bloomberg Live, you can watch all the on-demand videos and news for free.

2. How do I contact the Bloomberg help desk?

The help desk contact details:
EMEA: +44 20 7330 7500, America: +1 212 318 2000, Asia pacific: +65 6212 1000