How to Add, Activate, and Stream Crackle on Roku TV

Crackle by Sony is an ad-supported and online video streaming service. It is very similar to many mainstream media streaming platforms regarding content quality. But it is different in its approach to the content made available. Crackle is a free app. There are no hidden in-app purchases with Crackle. The app is ad-supported and builds its revenue from there. The other difference is that there are no permanent shows on the channel. Yes, you heard that right, and the platform keeps rotating content monthly. You will deal with the steps to install and activate Crackle on Roku here.

This channel can be an amazing way to explore something new every month, and if you enjoy what you are watching, you can peruse watching it on other platforms. The app is very user-friendly, and users can browse shows from the categories section. The only con of the Crackle is that it doesn’t have a search feature which is pretty much justified considering that they keep changing the content made available monthly.

How to Get Crackle on Roku

1. Start by turning on your TV and connecting your Roku device to it. Also, make sure your device has an active internet connection.

2. Next, select the Streaming Channel option from your home screen.

Streaming Channels option

3. From the Streaming channel menu, select the Search Channel option.

Search channels option

4. Search for Crackle using the virtual on-screen keyboard.

5. From the search results, choose the Crackle icon.

6. Further, click on the Add Channel option.

Crackle on Roku Channel Store

7. Wait for the Crackle app download to finish and select OK.

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How to Activate Crackle on Roku

Although you have installed the Crackle Channel on Roku, you need to activate Crackle before getting access to its content.

1. Firstly, open the Crackle app on your device. Your device will display an Activation Code.

2. Using any web browser on your computer or smartphone, visit the Crackle Activation website.

3. Finally, enter the Activation Code and click on the Activate Button.

Crackle Activation Site

4. Within no time, your Roku TV screen will refresh, and you can stream all the contents of the Crackle app on Roku.

How to Add Sony Crackle on Roku using Web Browser [Alternative Way]

1. From any web browser on your PC or smartphone, visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

Roku Channel Store Web version

2. Enter the same Roku account login details that you have used on the Roku TV.

3. Click on the Roku Search bar, type in as Sony Crackle, and search for it.

4. From the search results, choose the Crackle icon

5. You need to click on the Add Channel button on the channel info screen.

6. The channel will be added to your Roku Device. Refresh your device to stream Crackle movies and shows.

Crackle on Roku

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Frequently Asked question

1. Is Crackle available for Roku?

Yes, the Sony Crackle channel is officially available in the Roku Channel Store.

2. Is Crackle Free?

Yes, Crackle is one of the few legit free streaming platforms available. However, the app is ad-supported, but that’s not much inconvenience as you are paying nothing for the service.