Disney Plus on Roku: How to Install, Activate and Watch

Disney Plus on Roku
Disney Plus on Roku

Disney Plus is gradually gaining popularity among the entertainment freaks. It is a premium service that guarantees the best streaming contents. With Disney+, you shall get access to the legacy Disney contents. It includes Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and lots more. In addition, you will get access to new releases to classics and exclusives. With Disney Plus, you will get an ad-free experience and thus you watch your favorite content with less hassle. It supports unlimited downloading on up to ten devices. Besides this, you can stream on four different screens all at once. While it is available for most of the operating system, this section will let you know if you use Disney Plus on Roku devices.

Can I Access Disney Plus on Roku?

Yes. If you have a compatible Roku model, then adding Disney Plus is easy. It is available on the Roku Channel Store officially. The Channel is compatible with a wide range of Roku devices. This includes both the latest and older models. However, there are a few older models that aren’t compatible with Disney Plus. It is free to download and offers a 7-day free trial for the new users. In order to access its contents, you have to opt for its monthly subscription at $6.99/mo or yearly subscription at $69.99/year.

Procedure to Get Disney Plus on Roku

You shall need to carry out the steps given below to add Disney Plus on Roku device.

(1) You have to press the Home button on your Roku remote.

(2) In order to open the Channel Store, highlight Streaming Channels and press OK.

(3) Select Search Channels option and press OK button on the Roku TV remote.

Search Channel
Search Channel

(4) You shall enter as Disney Plus and choose the same from the suggestions that runs down on the right side.

Search for Disney Plus
Search for Disney Plus

(5) To learn more about the channel and view its screenshots, press OK.

(6) On the info screen, you shall highlight Add Channel to get Disney Plus on Roku.

Add Disney Plus to Roku
Add Disney Plus to Roku

(7) You need to provide the Roku PIN to download the channel.

Alternative Ways to Get Disney Plus on Roku

If you have Roku Mobile app, then Disney Plus can be installed on Roku TV. Besides this, you can also use the official website of Roku Channel Store on PC to install Disney+ app.

Important: Downloading Disney+ using the below methods will take take up to 24 hours for the channel to get added on Roku TV.

Using Roku Mobile App

Whether you have Roku Mobile app on Android or iOS device, Disney Plus can be installed on Roku TV right from the smartphone.

Important: You should have logged into the same Roku account as that of your Roku TV on Roku Mobile app.

(1) Connect your smartphone and Roku TV to the same WiFi.

(2) Go to apps column on your phone and click on Roku Mobile app logo.

(3) On the home screen of Roku Mobile app, click on the Channels menu available on the navigation bar.

(4) Select Channel Store tab at the top and tap on the Search icon.

(5) Enter the channel name as Disney+ and click on it to go to its app info screen.

(6) Press Add Channel button to start downloading Disney+ channel.

(7) Provide the Roku PIN to proceed with the download.

Using Roku Channel Store Website

It is possible to add channels to the Roku TV from its official webpage. You shall learn to install Disney+ from PC from the section below.

(1) You should open the browser you prefer on PC.

(2) Using the address bar, you shall go to https://channelstore.roku.com/browse.

(3) Click Sign In to provide the Roku account credentials that you have used on Roku TV.

(4) Click on the Search field to type as Disney+ and press Enter.

Search for Disney Plus

(5) Select Disney+ when the search result appears and get into know more about it.

Select Disney+

(6) Click on Add Channel button to start downloading it.

Add Channel

Procedure to Activate Disney Plus on Roku

If you are about to use Disney+ on your Roku for the first time, then you need to activate it.

(1) Get back to the Roku home screen to highlight and launch Disney+ channel.

(2) Sign in to activate the free trial if you are a new user.

Important: If you are already a member, sign into your Disney Plus account using the email and password.

(3) After the prompt, you shall need to provide your Roku PIN.

(4) Roku screen will show you the activation code. Keep it handy to complete the activation process.

(5) Go to https://preview.disneyplus.com using the address bar of the browser on PC.

(6) After you login to Disney Plus, you shall type the activation code to activate Roku TV and thereby stream Disney+ contents.

After the download and activation process, you shall start streaming Disney Plus entertainment contents on your Roku TV. It is recommended to use high-speed internet if you prefer streaming without buffering issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Disney+ supported Roku devices?

  • You can currently access Disney+ on all the Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick & Stick+, Roku Express & Express+, Roku Ultra & Ultra LT, Roku Premiere & Premiere+, etc. It is mandatory to have updated software on Roku devices.

Which Roku devices aren’t Disney+ compatible?

  • As of now, you shall not be able to stream Disney Plus on Streaming Stick (34000 &3420), Roku 2XS (3100X0), Roku LT (2400X & 2450X), and Roku HD (2500X, 3000X & 3050X)

Can I stream in 4K using Disney Plus on Roku?

  • Yes. If you have 4K supported Roku models, then you shall watch Disney+ in 4k quality. It is available on Roku 4, Roku Premiere or Premiere+ or Roku Ultra.

How to resolve issues with Disney Plus?

  • If in case Disney+ brings you issues, you shall need to follow the following fixes one by one. Check the internet connection, restart the router, restart Roku, turn off and on WiFi, sign out and log in back.