How to Watch Emby on Roku [1 Minute Setup]

emby on roku
emby on roku

Emby is something different from many other software. Emby is just like Plex that streams content from local devices or networks. So in short Emby is a Personal Media server. Emby is supported on all Platforms Free BSD, macOS, Linux, Windows, Docker, and the app is available for Android, IOS, and even for devices like Roku and Xbox One.

How to Use Emby on Roku

Emby can be used in Roku simply by adding it. Mostly the Roku devices now are pre-installed with the Emby application. Now let us see how to add Emby channel to your Roku via Roku User Interface.

Emby for Roku -  Use Emby on Roku

Add Emby to Roku

Step 1: Setting up your Roku is very easy. Connect Roku to your TV’s HDMI port and plug it into a power source. Then log in to your Roku account after connecting it to WiFi.

Step 2: Go to Roku Channel in which you can see all the available applications on your Roku. Then Navigate to Film and TV.

Step 3: Under Film and TV, you could find the Emby channel.

Step 4: Click on the Add channel to download and Install the Emby application.

Emby on Roku

Step 5: After installation, you could find the Emby channel on your Roku home screen.

Now go to the channel.

Connect Emby Roku Client to Emby Server

Its important to connect the Client to Server to enjoy the contents. This can be done in three ways:

  • Emby Connect
  • Scan Network
  • Manual Addition

1. Emby Connect

  • It is a default way to connect the Client (Roku Device) to Server. This is recommended when you are having an Emby connect user configured on your server on a foreign Network like the Internet. It requires registration.
  • When starting the client for the first time the client will negotiate a PIN with Emby Internet Service.
  • Now in your web browser visit the Emby website. Enter your Login credentials along with the PIN shown on the client.
  • Now on successful entries, you will receive a message “Pin confirmed. Thank you”. Now the connection is successful.

2. Scan Network

  • If the network connectivity is in the right place then obviously server and port will be visible.
  • Choose the Preferred server with the help of a username.
  • Choose your Server >> Connect.
  • The user authentication screen will appear. Follow the on-screen procedures and complete the process.

3. Manually Add Server

  • If the client is in a different broadcast domain to the server then use troubleshooting.
  • Enter the IP address or hostname of the Emby server and proceed further by selecting OK.
  • Enter the Emby server Http Server Port # (Default is 8096) as configured on the Emby server under Configuration >> Advanced >> Hosting >> Local Http Port number.

In case of connectivity issues, you will be presented with the Server Setup/Display Name Screen. Continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. This is how you use Emby on Roku.

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