How to Get EPIX Free Trial for 7-Days

EPIX free trial

EPIX is a 24-hour premium TV cable and satellite network owned by Epix Entertainment LLC. It is exclusively available in the United States and its territories. The flagship EPIX drive offers four premium, ad-free, pay TV channels, such as Epix, Epix 2, Epix Hits, and Epix Drive-In, that features thousands of on-demand title content. If you are planning to get the EPIX NOW Channel, it is essential to check for the free trial to get hands-on experience with the features of EPIX. If you are not sure about the availability of the EPIX free trial, read further to know more about it.

What is EPIX

EPIX is a well-known premium cable and satellite television network launched in 2009, owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM holdings). The sister channels include ScreenPix and MGM HD. EPIX is accessible via a proprietary streaming service, EPIC NOW. It covers everything from a broad line-up of original scripted content, movies, series, and documentaries to the huge library of the latest Hollywood and classic films.

What’s on EPIX

With an EPIX subscription, you can avail the original series, lots of movies, 4K ultra HD streaming content, live TV, and sports all under one roof. You can enjoy watching a library of Hollywood movies, recent and older theatrically released motion pictures, television shows, series, documentary title contents, music and comedy specials, and many more. The original series available on EPIX NOW include Women Who Rock, FROM, Britannia, The Lost City, Licorice Pizza, etc.

EPIX has become a home for many new series like Godfather of Harlem starring Forest Whitaker, the origin story of Batman’s butler Alfred, Pennyworth, the return of The Contender, Perpetual Grace, LTD starring Ben Kingsley, Jimmi Simpson, and much more.

Does EPIX has Free Trial

EPIX NOW offers 7 days free trial for its new users, just like the Philo free trial. The service provider’s duration of the trial may change depending on the type of plans. With EPIX free trial, you can enjoy the entire content of the EPIX platform anytime and anywhere without any restrictions. The contents include all-new episodes of original series, thousands of movies, documentaries, TV shows, and much more, all for free. After the free trial, you can continue watching EPIX’s content by paying for its subscription plan.

EPIX Subscription Plans

EPIX comes with one exclusive package that costs about $5.99 per month for both cable channel and application. For any other special deals, check with your local cable providers. Cord cutters have to sign up for a streaming-only account on EPIX NOW. You shall get a monthly subscription to stream unlimited EPIX content, download movies to watch offline, watch on multiple devices, and can also cancel the subscription anytime.

Let us see the subscription plan provided by service providers for getting EPIX.

Service ProviderFree Trial/Cost per Month
Spectrum TVCosts $5.99/month
Conway Corporation Provides digital premium choice at $6.95 per month
DISHCosts $7.00/month
Amazon Prime VideoOffers a 30-day free trial

Costs $12.99 per month after a free trial
Verizon FiOSCosts $15.00 per month
Verizon Ultimate HD package offers EPIX for free
YouTube TV Offers a 5-day free trial for the whole service
Costs $64.99 per month for the basic plan + additional cost for EPIX

Compatible Devices

If you wish to use the EPIX app, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can download the EPIX app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV in the App Store and Android devices like smartphones and tablets from Google Play.

Besides this, EPIX NOW app is also compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Roku players, Amazon Fire TV, TiVo, Chromecast, and web browsers on both Windows and macOS.

How to Get EPIX Free Trial

To avail EPIX NOW free trial offer, follow the below steps.

1). On your web browser, visit EPIX NOW official website (

2). Click the Start My 7-Day Free Trial option on the EPIX NOW webpage.

EPIX Free trial

3). Create a new account by entering your email address and password.

4). After creating the EPIX NOW accounts, download the app from the respective App Stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Roku Channel Store, etc.

5). After downloading the app, install it on your streaming device.

6). After installation, start the application and sign in with the same EPIX NOW login credentials.

7). Now, proceed with the given instructions and add your card details to make payments.

8). After adding your payment method, you can start using the free trial EPIX NOW for 7 days.

How to Cancel EPIX Free Trial

When your free trial period gets expires, your EPIX trial automatically turns into a paid subscription, and the full amount for the next monthly subscription will be charged from your account. To avoid being charged for a monthly subscription, you should cancel your subscription before the expiration of the free trial period.

Generally, the deadline for cancellation is 24 hours before the end of the free trial period. So, it is very important to cancel your EPIX NOW membership within the expiration of the free trial. Let’s see how you can do this on different platforms.

How to Cancel EPIX Free Trial on Android

1). On your Android devices, launch Google Play Store and log in to your account.

2). Click on the Menu section and select the Subscription tab.

3). In the subscription tab, click the EPIX NOW subscription tab and select Cancel.

4). Complete the given steps and finalize your cancellation process.

How to Cancel EPIX Free Trial on iTunes

If you have made a subscription to EPIX through iTunes, you can cancel it from your iOS or Mac.

Using iPhone or iPad

1). On your iOS device, open iTunes App Store.

2). Go to iTunes & App Store section and login into your account.

3). Search for the View Apple ID option and click it.

4). From the subscription list, locate Epix free trial subscription and select Cancel Subscription. 

From PC or Mac

1). Open iTunes on your PC or Mac and Log in to your iTunes account.

2). On your account page, click on View Account and then select Manage 

3). Locate EPIX NOW subscription in the list, and click on the Edit option.

4) Finally, select Cancel Subscription to cancel your EPIX NOW membership.

Note: You can install and access EPIX on Apple TV to binge-watch TV shows, originals, movies, and more.

How to Cancel EPIX Free Trial on Other Platforms

The steps below will work if you want to cancel the EPIX subscription from Roku or Firestick.

To cancel the trial on Amazon Prime or Roku,

1). Open Amazon Prime /Roku and log in to your account

2). You will find EPIX NOW subscription in the list of subscriptions and Membership.

3). Disable the auto-renewal option in EPIX NOW subscription.

Is EPIX Worth

EPIX NOW is a solid service that offers quite a lot of content at a low price. Even though it lacks to serve as a full cable replacement or comprehensive streaming service alternative like Netflix. EPIX NOW can do the job for the price and serves as the best option for those who need a second or third service to enjoy more content.

In general, entertainment interests may not be similar, and it’s subjective to each person’s needs and demands. However, if you are wondering whether the EPIX network suits your interest or not, then making use of the free trial provided by EPIX NOW is a wiser move. Get access to your free trial and know more about EPIX and its programs. Find out if you can avail DAZN Free Trial to let enjoy watching boxing, premier leagues, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EPIX free with Amazon Prime Video?

You can access all the contents from the EPIX NOW library with a 30-day free trial option. But once the free trial period ends, you must pay $12.99 monthly to continue watching the service.

Does EPIX offer a free trial?

Yes. It offers a 7-day free trial to new users.

Is EPIX NOW free?

EPIX NOW allows you to watch all its contents for free by providing a 7-day free trial. You can access the entire library of EPIX NOW during your seven-day free trial period entirely for free.

Is EPIX NOW free with Spectrum TV?

You can watch EPIX NOW for free on Spectrum TV by accessing the 7-day free trial option provided by EPIX for all its new users.

Is EPIX NOW have a free preview in DirecTV Stream?

Yes. You can enjoy EPIX NOW free preview on DirecTV Stream service, and also the service allows you to have a free subscription to the EPIX network for 3 months when you upgrade your TV plan with the higher tier subscriptions on DirecTV Stream.

How many EPIX NOW channels are there?

EPIX NOW has four distinct channels: EPIX, EPIX 2, EPIX Hits, and EPIX Drive-In.