How to Watch FETV on Roku TV [Two Alternative Ways]

FETV on Roku

Family Entertainment Television, shortly FETV, is a family-oriented streaming platform. So, you will find a diverse collection of classic and motivational movies, series, TV shows, and so on. FETV does not have its standalone app on any platform. So you can use your cable TV and satellite TV providers like AT & T U Verse, DirecTV, DISH, Comcast, and FiOS to stream it. Apart from this, you can watch the FETV content via Sling TV. If you’re a Roku user, this article will be useful as we have listed the steps to watch FETV on Roku.

The top-rated series and movies that stream on FETV are Matlock, Perry Mason, Father Knows Best, The Partridge Family, The Monkees, etc. Besides this, you can also watch Designing Women, The Saint, Green Acres, Maude, T.J Hooker, and much more.

How to Watch FETV on Roku

Sling TV is a reliable and popular live TV streaming service to watch all kinds of channels via the internet. The service is widely supported on several platforms, including the Roku streaming device. Roku users can officially download the Sling TV on Roku from the Roku Channel Roku.

[1] Connect your Roku device to the WiFi network. Then, press the home button and navigate to the home screen.

[2] Next, on the Roku home screen, select the Streaming Channels option.

[3] Choose the Search Channels option.

FETV on Roku- Choose Search

[4] Type Sling TV and find the app.

[5] Select the Add Channel button to get the app on your streaming device.

FETV on Roku- click Add Channel

[6] Click the Go to Channel button to launch the Sling TV app.

Select Go to channel

How to Use Sling TV to Stream FETV on Roku

[1] Launch the Sling TV app that you downloaded.

[2] Click the menu, which is labeled as Sign In.

[3] Provide the email id & password that you used to sign up for Sling TV.

Enter Login Details

[4] Now, you will get the Sling TV Home screen.

[5] Search for the FETV channel and start watching your favorite movies and TV shows on your Roku device.

Stream FETV on Roku

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Alternative Way: How to Watch FETV on Roku

In this method, we will guide you with the installation of the app on Roku from the Roku Channel Store Site. Make sure to connect your Roku TV and PC/Phone to the same WIFI.

[1] From your phone or computer web browser, visit

[2]  Click on the Sign-in button.

Sign in

Note: You need to Sign in to the same account you have signed in on your Roku.

[3] Search for the Sling TV and select the app from the search results.

[4] On the following screen that appears, click on the Add Channel button.

Click Add Channel

[5] Now, launch the Roku streaming device and open the Sling TV app.

[6] Look for the FETV and stream its content on your bigger TV screen.

FETV on Roku

Sling TV currently has three subscription plans available on Sling TV: Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue. The Orange plan ($30/month) provides access to 30 channels, the blue plan ($30/month) provides access to 45 channels, and the Orange + Blue plan ($45/month) streams more than 50 channels. Subscribe to any plan and stream FETV content.


How do I get FETV?

Comcast, FiOS, AT & T U-verse, DISHm, and Directv are the cable TV or satellite TV provider with which you can watch FETV content on your device.

Is FETV on any streaming service?

Yes. Sling TV carries FETV content, and with a Sling TV subscribe package, you can stream the FETV content. The plan starts from $30/month to $45/month.

Does Spectrum cable have FETV?

Yes. FETV is available on Spectrum cable too.

What are the streaming services that have FETV?

You can stream FETV titles on streaming services like Sling TV, Frndly TV, etc.