How to Troubleshoot Firestick Remote Not Pairing

Firestick Remote Not Pairing

Firestick device is the best entertainment platform that allows you to stream thousands of channels, apps, TV shows, movies, and endless entertainment. It comes with a handy remote with voice control where you can navigate through the apps easily. Sometimes, the Firestick remote cause a problem and one among them is the paring issue. So, if you come across Firestick remote not pairing with your Firestick, then you aren’t alone. The following session will show you the ways to resolve the problem easily.

How to Troubleshoot Firestick Remote Not Pairing

There are numerous reasons that may be the cause for Firestick remote not working. Here are the quick methods that help you to pair your remote to your Firestick again. Some of the below fixes will work even if you have a brand new Firestick remote that is not pairing.

[1] Check and Replace the Battery

Check and Replace the Battery

Poor or weak batteries are the main reason for the remote not working. So, check your battery charge and also ensure the batteries are inserted properly. First, remove the battery from the compartment and replace it back and see if the remote gets paired. If not, replace the old batteries with new batteries. Moreover, make sure to clean the compartment as sometimes the dust will create a problem. So, use a clean and soft tissue or cloth and it is the simple way to troubleshoot the Firestick remote not working issue. It might resolve Firestick 4K remote not pairing issue.

[2] Restart the Fire TV Stick

If there are any problems with your Firestick device, then you may face the error. To fix up the issue, you shall proceed with just restarting Fire TV Stick. For this, you need to unplug the Firestick cable from the power source and wait for a few minutes. Then, replug the cable back in. Alternatively, navigate to Setting >> select My Fire TV >> Click Restart >> Select Restart again to confirm.

[3] Reset Remote

Press and hold the Back button, Menu button, and Left button for 20 seconds, and this will reset your Firestick remote. While resetting the remote, it will clear the issues like hanging, freezing, and not being responsive.

[4] Pair the Remote using Home Button

Use Home button to pair

Use the home button to pair the remote to the device. Get closer to your TV and press the Home button on your remote for 20-40 seconds until the confirmation message appears on your TV screen. When pairing is successful, the confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the screen.

[5] Move from Other Fire TV

Check if there is any other Firestick TV that is turned on or not. If yes, turn off the Firestick that is interfering with the pairing process. Now, reboot your Firestick device and try the pairing process again.

[6] Use Fire TV App

If there is any physical damage to your replacement remote, then the above solutions will not work. So, you need to purchase the replacement remote. Meanwhile, you can use the Fire TV app to control your device. You can download the Fire TV phone app from the App Store or Google Play Store on your iOS or Android smartphone and start using it as a remote.

In addition to the above fixes, it is advised to ensure the buttons are not stuck on the remote and are attached properly. In case the mirroring feature is turned on, you shall disable it and check if it helps in resolving the problem. The above are the general issues that will help you get rid of the problem without harming the device. Besides this, you shall try connecting a different Firestick remote controller to check if pairing takes place.


Why is my Amazon remote not working?

If your remote batteries are low or have no charge, then the remote will not work properly. So, change or charge the remote batteries with the new ones. Make sure to insert them correctly.

How do I pair my Fire Stick Remote?

On your remote, press the home button and select Settings >>  Controllers and Bluetooth Devices >> Amazon Fire TV Remotes >> Add New Remote and press the home button until the device recognizes the remote.

What to do when the Firestick remote blinks orange but not pairing?

Try resetting your Fire TV device which may fix the blinking problem.

Why is my Firestick remote blinking orange?

Firestick remote blinking orange light when your Firestick remote is in discovery remote.

Can you pair a different Firestick remote?

Yes. Firestick supports pairing a different Fire TV remote, However, you can pair only one remote at a time.