Firestick Remote Volume Not Working | 15 Fixes to Try

Firestick Remote Volume Not Working

Amazon Firestick is one of the major streaming devices to access your favorite channels, movies, TV shows, etc. Upon unboxing, you will find a compatible Firestick remote controller with two AAA batteries. When you pair the Firestick remote, you can use it easily to navigate between apps. However, the Firestick remote brings the issue, and one common problem is the volume button not working. It happens due to infrared frequency, poor batteries, or damage to the volume button. The Volume buttons not working is definitely an annoying issue that needs to be fixed. The reason may vary from one user to another. So, here are the best fixes that will help you resolve the problem.

Firestick Remote Volume Not Working

Here are the best fixes you could follow to make your Fire TV remote volume button work.

1. Check or Replace the Remote Batteries

 Check or Replace the Remote Batteries

The first thing is that you need to check your Firestick remote battery. See whether the batteries are correctly placed and are fully charged. Then, remove the batteries from the compartment and replace them back in. Also, you can replace the old batteries with the new AAA batteries.

2. Pair your Remote Manually

Pair your Remote Manually

If your Firestick remote gets disconnected from the TV, your remote does not obey your command. So, you can repair it again with the below steps.

  • Turn off your Firestick and unplug the cable from the power source, and plug it back in after a few seconds.
  • After rebooting, press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds until the light blinks at the top of your remote.
  • Now, you will see the prompt message on the screen or blue light blinking thrice on your remote.
  • If you get this, it means that your Firestick remote has been paired successfully to your TV.

3. Change Equipment Control Settings

Change Equipment Control Settings

For that, go to Settings >> Equipment Control >> Manage Equipment >> Add Equipment >> TV. Then, follow the on-screen prompt to complete the process. To check whether the TV is correctly set up to your Fire Stick remote, go to Settings >> Equipment Control >> Manage Equipment >> Add Equipment >> TV >> Change TV.

4. Check Mute Button

By mistake, if you or someone press the Mute button on your remote, then the volume button might not work, So, to unmute it, press the Mute button again.

5. Reboot Firestick Device

Reboot Firestick Device

Restarting your Firestick device will help in solving lots of problems and errors. This will remove the bugs and glitches on your device. For that, you need to press the Select and Play button for a few seconds to reboot. Alternatively, go to Settings >> My Fire TV >> scroll down and click Restart.

6. Power Cycle

First, turn off the Amazon Firestick device and unplug the cable from the power socket. Wait for a few seconds and re-plug the cable back in. This will power cycle the Firestick. Now, you shall go-ahead to find if Firestick remote volume control not working issue is fixed.

7. Reset Firestick Remote

Reset Firestick remote

Resetting the Firestick remote will helps in resolving the problem. Switch off both your Firestick and TV and unplug the cable from the power outlet. Next to that, press and hold the Left button, menu button, and back button on your remote for 15 seconds and remove the batteries from the remote. Now, plug back the cables and place the batteries back on the remote. Finally, press the Home button and see if the volume button works fine or not.

8. Soft Reset your TV

When both Firestick and its remote work fine, the issue might also be on your TV. So, soft reset your TV and see if the problem is solved. Just unplug your TV cable from the power outlet and leave it for a minute. After that, plug the cable back into the socket and turn on the TV.

9. Factory Reset

Firestick Remote Volume Not Working - factory reset

Factory reset will remove all the data, including settings, downloads, etc., and make the device a new one. Before factory reset Firestick, make sure to copy the important data or files to the external drive.

  • Switch on your TV and Firestick device.
  • On your remote, press and hold the Back button and Right directional button for 10-15 seconds.
  • The screen will pop up the message. Click the Reset option and wait for a few minutes to finish the resetting process. Now, check if FireTV Stick remote volume not working issue got resolved.

10. Switch Off Dolby Digital Plus Setting

To disable the Dolby Digital Plus, navigate to Settings >> Display and Sounds >> Audio >> Dolby Digital Output >> Dolby Digital Plus. This will helps in improving the sound quality.

11. Use HDMI- CEC port

The TV’s HDMI- CEC port will let your Firestick control your TV’s volume. You can enable the support for audio control via HDMI-CEC port which is available under the TV’s home screen or Settings / Action menu.

12. Unpair Other Bluetooth Device

When too many devices are connected to the same Bluetooth, then you will get the issue. To disconnect, navigate to Settings >> Controller & Bluetooth Devices >> Other Bluetooth devices and unpair the unwanted devices.

13. Remove Obstacles or Obstructions

If any objects or things blocks the IR receiver, the TV will fail to recognize the remote command. So, remove the obstacles and also move closer to the TV.

14. Use Different Remote

When everything fails to fix the Firestick volume not working on the remote, then try using the alternative remote to manage the volume. The TV or sound system may help in managing the volume.

15. Use Alexa Voice Control

The last option that is left is using the Alexa Voice control. Just tell the phrase ” Alexa increase the Volume” or “Alexa, decrease the volume.” This will helps you to control the volume.

If your Amazon Fire Stick remote volume button is not working, the above solution will definitely help you in fixing the error. For some users, the remote may get damaged physically, in this case, you can buy a replacement remote. When


How do I get the volume to work on my Fire Stick remote?

If your remote volume button does not work, use the troubleshooting fixes mentioned in the above article.

How do I use my phone as a fire remote?

Yes. The Fire TV remote app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Why is my TV not responding to the remote?

Check out your batteries. If it is inserted wrongly, insert it correctly or replace the batteries with new ones if it has a low charge.

What are the other Firestick remote not working problems?

The entire Firestick remote may not work or you might get a blinking Orange issue on the Firestick remote or Firestick remote blinking yellow.