How to Add and Access Gaia on Roku TV [Two Ways]

Gaia on Roku

Gaia is an American video streaming service that includes yoga, spirituality, meditation, and fringe science videos. Moreover, it contains videos that you can’t find anywhere. With Gaia, you can transform your life by creating a healthy mind, body, and soul. Gaia includes videos that guide you with different yoga tutorials, mediation techniques, diet, nutrition plans, and ayurvedic medicine techniques. Gaia has content for beginners to advanced users. It is possible to download videos on your device to watch offline. It is supported on many devices. However, we will deal with adding Gaia on Roku here.

Gaia provides rare content that is not available anywhere else. In addition, you will find enlightening films, exclusive and original shows, series, documentaries, inspiration films, etc. It is a premium ad-free subscription service and offers a free trial. You can share the Gaia account with up to three users.

How to Add Gaia on Roku

Since Gaia Channel is available on the Roku Channel Store, you can easily add it to Roku. You can also add the Gaia Channel to Roku via the website.

Add Gaia Channel App to Roku

First, connect Roku to the HDMI port of the TV. Some channels are free on Roku devices, while you have to pay for some channels. Gaia is one such paid service on Roku. The steps to add Gaia Channel are as follows.

One-Step Guide: Select Streaming Channels >> Choose Search Channels >> Type Gaia >> Select Gaia >> Add Channel.

1) Go to the Roku home screen page and select Streaming Channels from the options list.

Select Streaming Channels in Roku home page.

2) Now, proceed to Search Channel and enter Gaia to search for it.

Type Gaia and search for the app.

3) It displays the search results. Select the Gaia Channel app from the search results.

4) Now, select Add Channel to downloaded the Gaia channel on your Roku. It may take a few minutes to complete.

Click Add Channel

5) Further, you should activate the Gaia Channel app to start accessing its features on your Roku TV.

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How to Activate Gaia Channel App on Roku

To activate the Gaia app, you need a Gaia account. If you have an existing account, you can use it or else create a new Gaia account. The steps are as follows.

1) Go to the channels section of Roku to Open the Gaia app.

2) Click the Sign-in option in the app.

3) It displays the Activation code on the Roku-connected TV screen.

Gaia on Roku Activation Code

4) Now, go to the official Gaia Activation Website ( in mobile or computer browser.

5) Log in to the Gaia account with the account information. Once you sign in, it will ask for the Activation Code. Input it in the given field and tap Submit.

Login and Enter the Activation code

6) Finally, the Gaia app on Roku gets activated. Now, you can enjoy streaming all the content on the Roku-connected TV screen.

Gaia on Roku

Add Gaia Channel App using Roku Website

The steps to Gaia app to Roku device using the website are

1) From your Computer browser, visit the official Roku Channel Store Website.

2) Go to the top-right section of the screen, and click the Sign-in option.

Open official Roku Website

3) Log in to the Roku account with the account details. If you don’t have an account, create an account.

4) Once you log in to the account, search for channels. You can search the Gaia TV app either by the Search Channels option or by searching the category.

5) Once you find the Gaia Channel, click on it. It displays the description of the channel with a rating. Now, click Add Channel.

Thus, the channel gets added to the Roku device that has the Roku account. Finally, when you refresh the Roku device, the Channel added will be available on Roku. You can also add Channels using the Roku app on Smartphones.


1. How can we share a Gaia account?

You can share your Gaia’s account by creating a profile for co-subscribers. After creating the profile, you can send the account login details to the co-subscribers.

2. Is Gaia supported on all models of Roku?

For a better experience, it is recommended to use Gaia on new models of Roku such as Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere+, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku 4, and Roku Premiere.

3. Is Gaia free on Amazon Prime?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t access Gaia on Amazon Prime. It is a separate subscription.

4. Is Gaia free on Roku

It is a subscription-based service. However, you can browse its library prior to signing up.