Google Duo on Roku: How to Set Up and Use in 2 Ways

Google Duo on Roku

Google Duo is a fast and free video calling application that offers end-to-encryption to maintain privacy. It supports HD video calls, and you can manually adjust the video call quality based on your internet speed. You can perform group calls with up to 32 participants. Duo app is best useful when you want to organize a meeting and share ideas with a group of people. You can even doodle on video calls using effects and fun masks. It even supports capturing the moment during the video calls and sharing it with others in the call. Further, you can share video or voice messages, photos, emojis, notes, etc. When you can’t connect over video calls, you can make voice-only calls. Though the app works on major devices, Google Duo is not available as an official app on Roku Channel Store.

You can screen mirror the Google Duo on your Roku device until the official launch. However, Google Duo is a reliable video calling app that works well with Android, iOS, and Windows.

How to Cast Google Duo on Roku

At first, you need to enable the screen mirroring on Roku. To do so,

1. Turn on your Roku device. The Roku home screen will appear.

2. On the home screen menu, select Settings.

Select Settings

3. Choose System and then click the Screen Mirroring option.

click System > screen mirroring

4. Now, select Screen Mirroring Mode and choose Prompt or Always Allow to turn on the screen mirroring mode.

click Prompt

Screen Cast Google Duo to Roku TV from Android

[1] Connect your Roku device and Android device to the same WiFi connection.

[2] Launch the Google Play Store and search for the Google Duo app.

[3] Download and launch the Google Duo app.

Download Google Duo

[4] Then, log in with your credentials.

[5] From the notification panel, tap the Cast icon.

Google Duo on Roku-Click Cast

[6] Then, turn on the Bluetooth option.

[7] The device will look for a nearby device. Choose your Roku device.

[8] Upon connecting, the Google Duo will cast and appear on your TV screen.

View Google Duo on Roku

Screen Mirror Google Duo to Roku TV from PC

[1] With the same WiFi network, connect your Roku device and Windows PC.

[2] Launch the latest version of the Google Chrome browser and visit

Google Duo on Roku

[3] Log in to your Google Duo account.

[4] Make a call on the Google Duo website.

[5] Now, click the Notification Tray icon on your PC and choose Connect.

[6] Choose your Roku device.

[7] Once the pairing is successful, Google Duo will get mirrored from your PC and appear on your Roku device.

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Is Google Duo free?

Yes, Google Duo is available for free. You can experience the best quality of video calls through Google Duo.

Do you need WIFI for Google Duo?

Google Duo supports both WiFi and cellular data.