How to Install and Stream Hoopla on Firestick [2 Ways]

Stream Hoopla on Firestick

Hoopla is a digital media service that holds all the content from the public library. Its streaming library is filled with movies, audiobooks, comics, TV shows, and many. In addition, it also has old movies and music. It is free to use, but you need a library card to access all the content available in the Hoopla database. It is compatible with devices like Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, etc. However, this section will guide you with the installation of Hoopla on Firestick.

Hoopla provides 8,50,000 content, including titles from best-selling novels and blockbuster movies. Along with that, 10000 new titles have been added to the library every month. You can read, listen and watch them without ad interruptions. Users can also download the content instantly for offline watching, reading, and listening purposes. In addition, Hoopla follows the pay-for-play policy, with which you can borrow content that you prefer to watch.

How to Install Hoopla on Firestick

Hoopla has developed a separate app for Firestick on the Amazon Store. Follow the steps and install it.

Quick Start Guide: On Fire TV home, select Search >> type Hoopla >> choose Hoopla tile >> click Get >> tap Open.

1) On the home page of the Firestick-connected TV screen, select the Search option.

Go to search option

2) In the search bar, enter Hoopla Digital and search for it.

3) Once you find the app, click the Get option to download the app.

4) After installation, select Open to launch the Hoopla app on Firestick.

5) You need to sign in to the Hoopla app with the valid email and password details.

FYI: Likewise, to access all the Hoopla content, you need to get a library card from the local library on the Hoopla website.

How to Activate and Use Hoopla Digital on Firestick

1) On your Fire TV remote, press and hold the Home button.

2) Choose the Apps tile to access Your Apps Library of Firestick.

3) Of the installed apps, locate the Hoopla app tile and select it.

4) On the Welcome screen, you need to press the Next button.

5) Now, take a note of the Hoopla activation code.

6) Visit the activation site of Hoopla from any browser.

7) Input the login details and then enter the code. Click Submit.

Enter login details

8) Now, Hoopla activates and you shall refresh your Fire TV screen to start accessing the Hoola library.

hoopla on firestick

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Alternative Way: How to Install Hoopla on Firestick from PC

You can also add Hoopla to Firestick from your Personal Computer. To perform this method, ensure that Firestick and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

1) Open the browser on PC and go to the official website of Amazon.

2) Enter Hoopla in the search bar and press Enter. It displays the search results.

3) Select the Hoopla app from the search results and click Get to download.

Select Hoopla app in Amazon website.

4) From the right panel of the page, select the Firestick device to which you want to install Hoopla and click the Deliver option.

5) Thus, the Hoopla app will automatically install on the Firestick device.

6) Finally, you can watch Hoopla content on Firestick after signing in to the account with the library card and account details.

Select the content from app to play.

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Remember that Hoopla has a limit in borrowing titles because each item is rented with a fee from the library. Thus for each item, the library pays from $.99 to $2.99 based on the title.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix have more content than Hoopla?

It would be a big no. Hoopla has more content than Netflix. But unfortunately, Hoopla places limits on watching titles. So you can watch more content on Netflix as it has no limits.

How to sign in for Hoopla Digital?

To sign for Hoopla Digital,
1) Visit using a PC or smartphone browser.
2) Click login in the upper right corner.
3) Find the New to Hoopla section at the bottom of the page and select Sign in Now.
4) On the next screen, pick the drop-down menu, next to the Choose to Library option.
5) Provide your information on the Account information page.
6) Finally, click Sign up Now to sign in.

Is the Hoopla app free?

Yes. Hoopla app is free with the Library card. With this, the users can stream titles without ads.