How to Add Private Channels on Roku with Codes

How to Add Private Channels on Roku
How to Add Private Channels on Roku

Roku tops the list when it comes to cost-effective means of streaming. It is a line of digital media players and is available in different sizes and prices. Just like other platforms, Roku OS has its own dedicated store called Roku Channel Store. It is where you will find all its compatible channels that are tested and verified. Although the channels available for Roku isn’t huge, it has a decent list of channels. If you look for more channels, then Roku has support for that too. They are termed as private channels. You may get into the section to know what is it and how to add private channels on Roku in brief.

Private Channel – What is it Actually?

Despite the official channels, Roku has hundreds of hidden channels or otherwise referred to as private channels. They are actually a part of the Roku Channel Store but you will not be able to find them over there. It is because they are neither tested nor verified. Other reasons that make the channel private includes the channel may be in beta mode or it seems to have some adult contents, etc. For all these and more other reasons, you may not be able to access them directly.

How to Add Private Channels on Roku?

In order to add private channels on Roku, you should carry out the steps as given below.

Beware of Roku Warning!

Roku warns whenever you add a private channel. It notifies that if the channel seems to violate the terms and conditions of the company, it gets removed. Further it added that the users who download such channels will be barred from downloading private channel in any further.

Note: It is assumed that you have a Roku account and a private channel code.

1. Launch a web browser on your desktop PC.

2. Navigate to

3. Click on the Sign In link provided at the top-right corner.

Click on Sign In-Add Private Channels on Roku
Click on Sign In

4. Provide your Email id and Password to login to Roku account.

Login to Roku Account
Login to Roku Account

5. Navigate to My Account page.

6. Select Add a Channel under Manage Account option.

7. You should now key in the private channel code. Click on Add Channel button.

Provide Private Channel Code
Provide Private Channel Code

8. Upon receiving the prompt, click on Yes, Add Channel button to confirm the action.

Important! Roku will take up to 24 hours to add a private channel on Roku player. However, you can go to Settings > System > System update > Check now to add channel immediately.

Best Roku Private Channels with Codes

Currently, Roku users will find hundreds of private channels that can be accessed from Roku OS. Of all, we have consolidated the most popular ones along with their codes. So, you may add them while following your guidelines itself.

  • KOOL_TV (koolTVmn)
  • Weather Radar (radar)
  • FreeJack TV (YQJ5B)
  • VideoPodcast Player (vodcast)
  • The Nowhere TV (H9DWC)
  • Viki (vikiglobaltv)
  • LodeRunner (LodeRunnerPreview)
  • EuroRoku (296XJKP)
  • Space Time Free (CN6MRTG)
  • TVQue (tvque)
  • Relax TV (vrqhq)
  • Creature Cast (nowherebullet)
  • Nowhere Bullet (nowherebullet)
  • Daily Motion (Dailymotion)
  • Picasa2 (PICASA2)
  • Unofficial Twitch (TwitchTV)
  • Clikia (clikialive)
  • The Internet Archive (NMJS5)
  • Nowhere Tweet (V8MRS)
  • Ace TV (acetv)
  • The Odeon Theater (odeon)
  • RokuMovies (zb34ac)
  • Nowhere Vine (nowherevine)
  • iTunes Podcast Channel (ITPC)
  • PNR Networks (pnrnetworks)
  • Suntrix (synctrixbeta)
  • Super Stalker (STBEMU)
  • Wilderness Channel (fl821095)
  • Great Chefs (greatchefs)

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Winding Up

If you aren’t satisfied with the official apps on Roku Store, then the private channels will give you added hours of entertainment. You will find channels listed under different genres. So. there is something for every entertainment content you are looking for. Do remember that any private channels may bring you inappropriate contents and it may be removed by Roku soon after they find it.