How to Change Language on Roku

Change Language on Roku

Roku allows you to change the language on your device. By default, the language on Roku is set to English and the users can change the language as per their requirements. Roku is one of the best streaming devices available in the market. It has plenty of customization options available including changing the preferred language as well. The availability of various languages varies for each country. If you are planning to change the language on your Roku, then go through the below article.

How to Change Language on Roku?

Changing the language is a simple process. You can easily change the system language on your device with the below steps.

(1). Press the Home button on the Roku TV remote.

(2). When the home screen loads up, select the Settings option.

(3). Under Settings, choose the System settings.

(4). You will find the Language settings available. Select the Language option.

Choose Language

(5). Select the language of your choice from the available ones.

Change Language on Roku

(6). Press the OK button on your remote to set the language.

The system language is successfully changed on your Roku. The menu options will appear in the language you choose. To change back to English, follow the steps again.

Note: Roku might ask for a pin when you change the settings on your device. If you forget the pin, then you have to reset the pin on Roku and try changing it.

How to Change the Language of Captions on Roku?

It allows the users to change the subtitle or closed caption language as well. Here goes the procedure.

(1). On your Roku remote, press the Home key to get its home screen.

(2). Choose the Settings option and highlight Captions.

Select Captions

(3). Select the Caption’s preferred language and click the language of your choice under the Captions Style screen.

Change CC Language on Roku

Important: This will work only on the contents with subtitle support.

Have you been able to change the device language and CC language on your Roku media player? Hope that was useful to you. Comment us below if in case you have any queries or suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change the language on my Roku device for specific channels or apps?

No, Roku allows you to change the language for the entire system. By changing the Roku language, all the menus, settings, dialogs, texts, channels, and private channels will appear in the selected language. If the specific app allows you to change the language, you can change it but this does not affect the system language.

2. Will changing the language on my Roku device also change the audio language for movies and TV shows?

No, changing the language on Roku does not affect the audio language. You can change the audio language inside the app if there is any alternate audio available for the video you are watching.

3. Can I add a new language to my Roku device that is not already listed in the language options?

Roku does not provide this option. The languages available are determined by the device’s firmware. If your language is not available in the settings, then you have to buy another device that supports your language.

4. How to set Roku back to the default language?

If you unknowingly set your Roku to a different language, then you can try to set the language back to English with the steps above. If you are still not able to do it, then you can reset your Roku to get the default options.