How to Connect Keyboard to Firestick / Fire TV

How to Connect Keyboard to Firestick

Amazon Firestick is one of the best and most popular streaming devices available in the world. Firestick was developed by Amazon. In a short time, it has become the most popular device. Firestick is an HDMI stick, and you can just connect it to your TV HDMI port and start using it. It converts your TV into a Smart TV and can install various applications. To search for your favorite content, it is quite difficult to use the on-screen keyboard. In order to make your search easier, you can connect an external keyboard to your Amazon Firestick. By connecting a keyboard to your Firestick, you can search effectively.

How to Connect Wireless Keyboard to FireStick

You have two different ways to connect a wireless keyboard and they are

  • USB Dongle
  • Bluetooth Pairing

Steps to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard to Firestick

[1] The first thing is, you need to activate the Bluetooth pairing in the wireless keyboard.

[2] Now, switch on your Fire TV to view the home screen.

[3] On the home screen, navigate to the Settings option.

[4] Choose Controllers & Bluetooth Device.

Choose Controllers & Bluetooth Device.

[5] Next, click Other Bluetooth Device, followed by that select Add Bluetooth Devices.

select Add Bluetooth Devices.

[6] You will see that the Fire TV will scan for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Add Keyboard

[7] When your keyboard is detected, choose it.

[8] When the pairing is successful, you can use the keyboard to navigate the Fire TV screen.

How to Connect USB Dongle to Firestick

You can easily connect the USB dongle as it is not much complicated to do so.

[1] Power on the wireless keyboard and get the USB dongle.

[2] Locate the USB port on your smart TV.

[3] Once located, plug the USB dongle into it.

[4] Now, the USB dongle keyboard will get connected and you can start to use it on your Firestick to access the apps and content.

How to Connect Wired Keyboard to Firestick

When it comes to connecting the wired keyboard, it is quite easy. Simply plug the USB cable of the wired keyboard into the USB port on the smart TV. Once done, you can start to use the keyboard to control your Firestick. Rather than using the on-screen or virtual keyboard, an external keyboard will be much better and convenient to use on Firestick. Other than using a keyboard, you can also use Mouse Toggle on Firestick to get the PC mouse-like feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use a keyboard with Fire TV?

Yes, you can connect both the wired and wireless keyboard to your Fire TV Stick.

2. How to connect the Bluetooth keyboard to my Firestick?

By using the dongle or the Bluetooth settings on your Fire TV, you can connect the Bluetooth keyboard to Firestick.