How to Connect Xbox Controller to Xbox

How to connect Xbox Controller to Xbox

Xbox provides gamers with a new generation of games and entertainment. With the Xbox controller, you can play games on the console effortlessly. You can opt for either wired controllers or wireless controllers. Wired controllers have no battery issues and offer a faster response in gaming. Moreover, it costs only half the price of wireless controllers. The recent wireless controllers have a good range so that you can enjoy gaming without any hindrance. Here are the ways to connect the Xbox controller to the console.

The best thing about Xbox controllers is that it has the universal connection mode. This means that you can connect Xbox One controller to Xbox Series X & S console and vice versa.

How to Connect Xbox Wireless Controller to Xbox

Wireless controllers provide gamers a good control over games with their design and textured grip. Wireless controllers work with either AA batteries or rechargeable batteries.

1) Turn on the controller by holding the Sync button. Hold it until the light flashes.

Hold pairing button in Xbox controller

2) After the light in the controller flashes, press the Pairing button on your Xbox Series X, Xbox 360, or Xbox One console.

Hold pairing button in Xbox

3) Thus, the controller and console get connected and you can play the games.

However, the wireless Xbox controllers will switch easily between the Bluetooth device and the console. For instance, the Xbox controller is connected to the Bluetooth device and you want to connect it to the Xbox console. This can be done by double-pressing the pair button in the controller. Thus, the controller will now get connected to the Xbox console that it has paired before. To switch back to the Bluetooth device like Xbox app on a smartphone, press the Pair button on the Xbox controller twice. By using the Bluetooth adapter, you can connect the Xbox controller to the PC and play games.

How to Connect Wired Xbox Controller to Xbox

While connecting the wired controllers to the console, depending on the controller type, the cable used may vary. You can use a micro-USB or USB-C cable.

1) Connect the one end of the cable to the controller port.

2) After that, connect the other end of the cable to the port in the console.

Connecting Wired Xbox controller

3) Now, turn on the console and controller. Wait until the Xbox button on the controller and console flashes.

4) Thus, the controller gets connected to the Xbox console and it is ready to use.

Since the Xbox wired controller works with a USB connection, there is no need for batteries. To conclude, you can connect it either by wired or wireless mode. After the Xbox controller gets connected to its Xbox 360 or Xbox One console, make sure to check for updates in the controller. If there is any update available for the controller, make sure to do it.


1. How do I connect my Xbox controller without the Sync button?

If there is no Sync button, you have to use the wired connection method.

2. Where is the Xbox sync button?

In Xbox One, the Sync button is on the left side. In X & S series, it will be on the right side.