How to Delete Channels on Roku [3 Easy Ways]

Delete Channels on Roku

Roku is a highly secured media player with hundreds of official apps. It is a jailbreak-proof streaming device. So, users of Roku cannot access any third-party apps like Firestick. Roku has lots of customization options, and the users can make it perform the way you want. Just like adding channels, the users can also delete channels on Roku at any time. Roku lets users remove channels from different devices, and all of them are discussed in the section below clearly.

Check if the channel you are about to remove has any subscription just before you remove it. Deleting the app from Roku won’t cancel your subscription. Make sure that you canceled all the subscription plans regarding the app that you are going to delete.

Ways to Delete Channels on Roku

There are three different ways to delete channels on the Roku media player. It includes

  • Channel Store
  • Channel Lineup
  • Using Smartphone App

How to Delete Channels on Roku: Channel Store

(1) Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

(2) Choose the Streaming Channels option.

(3) When the Roku Channel Store opens up, highlight the channel and click on the OK button on your remote.

(4) Now select the Remove channel option.

Select Remove Channel

(5) Removed channel will show a checkmark at the lowermost right corner of the screen.

How to Delete Channels on Roku: Channel Lineup

(1) On your Roku remote, press the Home button.

(2) Highlight the channel you want to remove.

(3) On the remote, press the Star button.

Delete Channels on Roku

(4) When the options menu opens up, select Remove channel.

(5) Confirm removing the channel when you get the prompt.

How to Delete Channels on Roku: Using Smartphone App

With the smartphone app, you can delete apps on Roku using two ways. You can either use the Channel Store tab or the Devices tab.

Using Channel Store

(1) Launch the Roku app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

(2) Navigate to the bottom and select Channels.

(3) On the top, select the My Channels tab.

Select Channel

(4) Press and hold the channel you want to delete.

(5) Select the Remove button to delete the channel.

(6) If you get a prompt, then click on Remove once again.

Using Devices Tab

(1) Open the Roku App on your smartphone.

(2) Press the Devices option from the bottom of the screen.

Delete Channels on Roku

(3) Then select the Channels icon from the center of the window.

(4) Choose the Channel tab and scroll to select the channel you want to remove.

Channel Store

(5) Press the Remove button, and that’s all. The channel will get removed from your Roku TV.

Delete Channels on Roku

Removing or deleting the channels from Roku is that simple and easy. If you mistakenly delete the channel on Roku, you can easily install the app or channel on Roku. Check our guide on how to add channels on Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete multiple channels on Roku?

As per the latest version of Roku, you can’t delete multiple channels on Roku. You have to delete channels one by one.

How do I delete channels from my TCL Roku TV?

For TCL Roku TV and other Roku TVs, you can follow the same steps mentioned here.