How to Delete PlayStation Account [Easy Guide]

PlayStation is standing as a crownless king in the gaming industry. PlayStation gaming consoles is one of the top-selling gaming consoles. And still, it is the biggest dream for most of the gamer. You can add up to 16 accounts to the console. Sometimes to add more, we may have to delete a few accounts. Or even we may not be using a few old accounts anymore. So we want to delete the PlayStation account. But deleting accounts has its own consequences. Anyways, this guide will help through the straightforward account deletion process on PlayStation.

Delete the PlayStation Account

You can delete the user account, or you can close the account permanently. Either way, you will have these consequences.

  • The account ID of the closed account cannot be used to create another account.
  • There won’t be any access to the purchased contents. Refunds are totally based on the Cancellation Policy.
  • All your account balance will vanish. Funds on the wallet will not be returned based on the SEN terms and policies.
  • All the subscriptions and other entitlements access will be removed.

How to Delete Account on PlayStation

Step 1: Power on the PS4 Console. And then log in to the Primary account.

Step 2: Scroll Up and go to the Function Area. This is above the Games and Applications that have a long row of icons.

PlayStation Settings
PlayStation Settings

Step 3: Now scroll right to the screen and then choose the Settings option.

Login Settings -PlayStation
Login Settings -PlayStation

Step 4: On the Settings screen, choose the Login Settings or Parental Controls/Family Management tab. Click to open it.

User Management Settings - PS
User Management Settings – PS

Step 5: Choose the User or Family Management option. And choose Delete User.

Delete PlayStation Account
Delete User – PS

Step 6: Under the Family Members tab, choose the account which you would like to delete. And follow the on-screen prompts and confirm your delete account choices.

Delete option
Delete account – PS

Step 7: After that, the profile\account will be deactivated from your PS4.

Delete PlayStation Account
Confirm deletion

If you have any issues with your PlayStation consoles while deleting the account, you can reset PS4 to factory settings. This will remove all the minor bugs in your PlayStation console.

Delete PlayStation Account
User deleted

How to Permanently Delete PlayStation Account

Step 1: From your PC or smartphone, go to the PlayStation Support Website. Yes, you have to contact the support center to delete the account.

Step 2: Type Close Account on the provided search box. And choose the devices in which you want to close the account.

Step 3: You will be directed to the warning page. There, you will see all the consequences of deleting the PlayStation Account.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select any one option, Live Chat or Call us.

Step 5: Make sure to have your Sign-in ID (Email Address) or Online ID. Respond to the questions they ask by providing the mandatory details. Along with that, you also have to provide the necessary credentials.

You will receive a confirmation once your account is successfully deleted from the PSN (PlayStation Network). Still, having issues in deleting the account? Tell us in the comment section below.