How to Factory Reset TiVo Stream 4K [Easy Guide]

factory reset tivo stream 4k

TiVo Stream 4K is a streaming device where you can stream dozens of services on your TV. It also provides Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos playback capabilities and a low price tag. TiVo stream 4K packs a small power adapter that connects the Stream 4K via a USB micro cable. The TiVo remote comes with DVRs. It’s a premium functional Bluetooth remote with a built-in microphone for voice commands. If the device is erratic, you can factory reset it. Read the article to know how to Factory Reset TiVo Stream 4K.

Factory Reset TiVo Stream 4K

Methods to Factory Reset TiVo Stream 4K

Make sure that setting your device to its default settings will delete all the existing recorded shows or Programs. Following are the methods to factory reset the device.

TiVo BOLT Series / TiVo Roamio Series

[1] First and foremost, go to the Settings & Messages option from TiVo Central.

Click Settings & Messages

[2] Then, choose the Help option.

[3] Following, tap on the Reset to Default menu.

TiVo Premiere on HD Menu / All DVRs using SD menu

[3] Select the Restart or Reset System option in order to reset the device.

Then the device will start to reset successfully.

Steps to Factory Reset TiVo Stream 4K Remote

Make sure to perform the factory reset only if your TiVo remote isn’t pairing with your TiVo Stream 4K and TV. Following are the steps to perform the factory reset.

[1] At first, press and hold the TiVo and TV power buttons for 3 seconds.

Press the power button

[2] Once done, the activity indicator will become lit red and stay on.

[3] Now, press the Volume button three times.

[4] Following, press the TiVo button.

[5] Now, the activity indicator will flash in red color three times.

[6] You can now proceed to pair the remote by following the instructions in the Pairing your TiVo Stream 4K Remote section.

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When you perform a reset, it will unpair your TiVo remote from TiVo stream 4K and other devices. So you have to pair your remote again after performing a factory reset.