How to Reset MXQ Pro Android Box to Factory Settings

How to Reset MXQ Pro

MXQ Pro is a cost-efficient Android TV box powered by Quad-Core ARM Mali GPU and Amlogic S805 CPU. It lets you stream movies and shows in 4k or full HD quality. So, it is a perfect streaming device to just transform a normal TV into an Android TV. Having all these features doesn’t mean MXQ Pro doesn’t bring you issues. Some of the most common issues might include freezing, being stuck while turning on, performance glitches, etc. To resolve any such issues, you may need to reset the MXQ Pro Android box. If you want to reset the MXQ Pro Android box and give it back the factory default, read the article further.

How to Reset MXQ Pro to Factory Settings?

Get down to the below section to find the ways in which you can reset the MXQ Pro.

Note: Before resetting, try to update MXQ Pro Firmware to fix any bugs you face.

Steps to Factory Reset MXQ Pro using Settings

If you have access to the MXQ Pro user interface, resetting it will not take more than a minute or two.

A Word of Caution! With the factory resetting your MXQ Pro, you will end up losing all the data. You cannot restore those data unless you have taken a backup.

(1) You should initially plug the MXQ Pro Android Box into the smart TV.

(2) Select the Settings menu that looks like a cog icon.

(3) Choose More Settings under Preferences.

(4) Go to the Personal column to select Backup & Reset or Storage & Reset.

Storage and Reset to Reset MXQ Pro

(5) Now, select Factory Reset or Factory Data Reset menu.

Factory Data Reset

(6) You shall need to select Full Reset on the following screen.

Full Reset to Reset MXQ Pro

(7) When you get the prompt, choose Verify or Erase Everything.

The resetting process will take some time based on the storage capacity of your device.

Important! You might find the options slightly different while the process of resetting the MXQ Pro is however the same.

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How to Hard Reset MXQ Pro Android Box (Reset button)

If in case you lost the interface access of MXQ or it doesn’t function properly, then you can perform a hard reset. It may include being stuck on the home screen, freezing issue, slow response, and more.

Things you might need in the Prior

  • Toothpick or something similar (non-conductive)
  • TV remote or USB keyboard

(1) Start off by unplugging the MXQ Pro box from the power source.

(2) Place the toothpick or similar item on the SPDIF or AV port (reset button resides inside it) available in the back of the Android box to press and hold it gently.

  • Continue holding the toothpick until you hear the sound of a click.
Press Reset button on AV Port to Reset MXQ Pro

(3) While still holding the reset button, connect MXQ Pro to the power source.

(4) Continue holding until you see the logo on your smart TV. It might take a few seconds.

(5) Now, choose Wipe Data or Factory reset option using the smart TV remote.

(6) Select the Delete all user data and wait for the reset process to complete.

(7) When done, choose Reboot system now to restart MXQ Pro and finish the reset process.

With this, you may start using MXQ Pro just like you have purchased it new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reboot MXQ Pro 4K?

Yes. You can reboot MXQ Pro 4K with the above steps.

Why is MXQ Pro 4k factory reset not working?

MXQ Pro 4K factory reset may not work if there is an issue with the device or due to the corrupted files. You need to restart the device and go ahead with the reset.

How to reset if my Android TV box reset button is not working?

You can use the Settings option on the device to reset your Android TV box.