How to Reset Roku Pin (Update and Use Pin)

Reset Roku PIn

A pin on Roku is set to make sure unwanted app installation or to manage payments. If you set a pin for your Roku, you can control any operations on the device. By setting a pin on Roku, you can manage app installations, payments, subscriptions, and other activities on Roku. You can prevent unauthorized transactions with the help of Roku Pin. If you forget your Roku Pin and not able to manage your activities, then you can always reset your pin. You can visit Roku official website and reset your Roku pin by logging into your registered account.

How to Reset Roku Pin?

You cannot reset the pin on your device directly. You can visit the Roku website and easily reset it by logging into your account. Here are the steps to reset your pin:

1. Open any browser on your PC or smartphone and go to the Roku official site.

Roku Site sign in
Roku Site sign in

2. Log in with your account credentials.

3. Select the Update option under the PIN preference section.

PIN Preferences - Update
PIN Preferences – Update

4. Choose any one of the following options.

  • Require a 4-digit PIN to add any channels, even free channels.
  • Require a 4-digit PIN only when making a purchase.
  • Do not require a 4-digit PIN when adding channels or making purchases.

5. On the provided text fields, type the four-digit pin and enter the pin again.

Reset PIN
Reset PIN

6. Now, choose the Save changes option to save the recent changes on your device.

Your Roku Pin is successfully reset. You can now use the new pin according to the option you have selected. If you chose not to use your pin for any purchase or channel addition, then even after setting the pin, Roku will not prompt for it. Therefore, choose the option accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if I forgot my Roku pin?

You can reset your Roku anytime using the Roku website. You don’t have to remember your previous pin if you are changing it through the website.

2. Is there a default Roku pin?

There is no default pin. You can update the pin using the Roku website. It is one of the easiest ways to set and reset your pin.

3. Why does my Roku keep saying invalid PIN?

You might have entered the wrong pin. If you face such an issue, then go to the Roku website and update your pin and then use the new pin on your device. You will not face this issue again.

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