How to Reset Roku to Factory Settings [2 Ways]

How to Reset Roku

Roku streaming devices are one of the best-selling devices and a major rival to Amazon Firestick. It runs on Roku OS, which is specially developed for streaming devices. Unlike Firestick, you can’t install apps using third-party installers. If you want to sell your Roku to your friend, or if you want to reset all the settings to defaults, you can reset the streaming device. Resetting your Roku will remove all the manually installed apps, revert all the settings to defaults, and it will become new.

There are two ways to reset the Roku device: Soft reset and Hard reset. A soft reset is done when the device is responding well and have no issues. Hard reset is done only when the device is not working properly or not responding to your commands.

How to Soft Reset Roku?

(1) Turn on your Roku and get to the Home screen.

Home screen

(2) Navigate to the Settings option.

Settings option

(3) Under Settings, choose the System option.

System settings

(4) Now, select the Advanced system settings option.

Reset Roku

(5) On the next screen, click the Factory reset option.

Reset Roku

(6) It will ask for a PIN for confirmation. Enter the PIN which appears in the bottom and click OK.

Enter PIN

(7) Then, the Factory Reset window will appear. Click the Start Factory reset button.

Reset Roku

(8) The device will get reset and will restart.

Reset Roku

(9) After the reset, you need to setup the device from the first step.

Reset Roku

How to Hard Reset Roku?

Hard reset is recommended only if the device is not working.

(1) On every Roku, there will be a Reset button. The button will be available either on the backside or bottom of your Roku device.

(2) Some Roku devices have a tactile button while others have a pinhole button. If it is a pinhole, take a paperclip to click the button.

Reset Roku

(3) Press and hold the Reset button for about 10-15 seconds.

(4) When the reset process is over, the indicator light will blink rapidly. After that, you can setup your Roku.

Reset your Roku to the factory settings to delete all the data stored on the device. Hard reset your Roku only if it is not working properly. Reset the device only if it is necessary. Don’t reset the device without any purpose, or else you will all your data stored in your Roku. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I factory reset my Roku?

When you factory reset your device, all the data saved in the device will be deleted. You need to start setup your Roku from the first step.

2. Where is the reset button on Roku?

Usually, the Reset button will be at the bottom or backside of the device.