How to Resolve Roku Overheating Issues [All Devices]

Roku Overheating

All your electronic gadgets will overheat in one way or the other for various reasons. And your Roku streaming device is not an exception to this issue. If the device is placed on a closed cabinet and with other devices, it will definitely overheat. Overheating isn’t an issue, but you may still experience some glitches and freezing issues with the user interface. So here are few solutions to resolve the Roku overheating issues.

Indication of Roku Overheating

If the Roku is too hot, you can find it with the following two indications.

  • Red Light – There is a white light on the Roku device. It will turn red if the device is too hot. If the red light is flashing, then it may due to Roku is on low power.
Roku Red Light
  • On-Screen Warning Message – You can also see a warning message on the screen indicating that the device is hot.
Overheating On screen message

Resolve the Issue

(1) Unplug the device from the power cord carefully.

(2) Find a cool spot to place the device. Avoid placing the device on an electronic device or any place that is hot, even in direct sunlight.

(3) Now, at least wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the device to cool.

(4) Once the device is normal, plug it into the power source and connect it to the TV.

(5) The device will work fine if it doesn’t, then repeat the process and leave it to cool for more time than before.

If the problem persists, stop using the device and contact the Roku customer care service.

Roku heats due to Over usage

Sometimes we may be using the device for more time, like for a whole night or a day. Like humans, even machines do require some rest. For continuous use of 24 hours, the device deserves a rest for at least an hour.

If you are using the Roku device continuously for more than 4 hours without any hindrance, then the device itself asks you whether or not to continue. Select Keep Streaming if you want to continue.

Find your Roku Temperature to prevent Roku Overheating

Use the following procedure to find out your Roku device temperature just in case. Press the following combination of buttons in the same sequence.

Home, Home, Home, Home, Home, Fast Forward, Pause, Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward.

Roku Overheating Temperature

You can see the temperature appearing on the Roku-connected TV screen.

Temperature screen

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1. How do I stop my Roku from overheating?

You can prevent the device from overheating by using it less, giving it some rest, disconnect the device from the power source. Or by not keeping the device on any electronic devices or place it in a place that heats easily.

2. What happens when Roku Overheat?

The red light on the Roku device will turn on, or an on-screen message will appear indicating the overheating. The device will not work so well. There will be hanging or screen freezing etc.

3. Is it normal if the Roku stick is hot?

It is not safe to touch and with the children around. It is normal for any electronic device to heat, but the problem actually arises when the device overheats. It can actually cause a lot more damages to the device itself. And also, the TV connected to Roku will also heat, and it causes some serious issues. There is also a risk of the device exploding.