How to Restart Roku Streaming Device [Multiple Ways]

With Roku device, you can download and install various streaming applications. Sometimes the device may not function as expected. It may freeze or not respond properly. Most probably, in that situation, we all have one solution in our hands, which is to restart the device. But then how to restart the Roku streaming device is one of the most searched questions. We don’t have any buttons for that. But still, we can restart the device in different ways. Let us discuss those step by step.

Restart Roku Streaming Device

  • Soft Restart
    • Settings Options
    • Via Remote
    • Via Roku app
  • Hard Restart

How to Restart Roku: Using Settings

  • Press the Home button on the Roku.
  • Now scroll down and choose Settings.
  • Press the OK button to go to the Settings.
  • On the Settings screen, choose the System option. And press the OK button.
Settings Roku
  • Now, scroll down and choose the System restart option.
  • Choose Restart and press OK.
System Settings - Restart Roku

Now your Roku device will go blank. And then it will reboot.

How to Restart Roku: Using Remote

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Now press the Upward navigation button.
  • Then press the Rewind button twice as quickly as possible.
  • After that, press the Fast Forward button twice quickly.
Roku TV Remote - Restart

If you get it all right, your device will restart automatically. Sometimes, this shortcut method may not work. In that case, use the Settings menu.

How to Restart Roku: Using Roku App

There is a mobile application for controlling your Roku device. Download the Roku application from the App Store or Play Store.

  • Connect your smartphone and your Roku streaming device to the same WiFi network.
  • Configure the application and set it up with your Roku device by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Go to the Roku TV section. A remote layout will appear. You can use the keys to control the Roku.
  • Go to Settings >> System >> System Restart >> Restart >> OK.

This method can be useful when you cannot find the remote or if your remote doesn’t work.

How to Restart Roku: Forced Restart

This method is applicable for the 1st and 2nd generation Roku devices. In those devices, you will not find the Restart option under the Settings menu.

  • Unplug your Roku device from the power cord. And wait at least 2-5 minutes.
  • Then plug the Roku into the power cable. Now, wait until your streaming player completes its whole rebooting process.

So these are few ways in which you can restart your Roku device. If you have any difficulties after the restart, you can reset the Roku device to its factory settings. Got queries still? Write to us in the comment section below. And we will be back with the possible solution as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do if your Roku device is not working?

If your Roku is not responding to your commands, restart the device using the steps mentioned above.

2. What happens when you factory reset a Roku?

When you factory reset a Roku device, all the information stored in the device will be erased.