How to Set Up Amazon Firestick

How to Set Up Amazon Firestick

Streaming devices are becoming more popular among cord-cutters. They are the best alternatives for cable TV. Using streaming devices, you can stream all your favorite media content at any time from anywhere. Amazon Firestick is one of the best and most popular streaming devices available in the world. Firestick was developed by Amazon and was launched in 2018. In a short time, it has become the most popular device. Firestick is an HDMI stick, and you can just connect it to your TV HDMI port and start using it. If you are using Firestick for the first time, learn how to set up Firestick quickly from this article.

Firestick offers you a lot of channels to stream from, like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Sling. Philo, fubo TV, AT &T TV, YouTube, Pluto TV, Rakuten Viki, and many more. Firestick comes with the remote and Alexa support. Firestick is available on five models as Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick Lite. Fire Stick fulfills the dream of streaming all the favorite media content on the big screen.

Prerequisites to Set Up Fire Stick

  • A compatible TV – You should have an HDTV with an HDMI port to use Firestick.
  • Internet connection – Firestick needs internet to stream the contents. So you need a strong WiFi connection.
  • Amazon account – You have to register your Amazon Fire TV Stick to your Amazon account.

How to Set Up Firestick

(i) Connect your Firestick to the HDMI port

1. First, take your Firestick device, you will find a micro-cable and an HDMI. You have to plug the USB power cord into the micro-USB port of your Firestick.

2. Next, connect the Power Adapter to a power outlet.

3. Then, plug the Firestick into your HDMI port to your TV.

connect your Firestick device to the HDMI port to start set up Firestick

4. Now, turn on your TV and open the HDMI input channel to which you have connected the Firestick device.

5. Next, you will get a loading screen with the Firestick logo.

6. Then, you have to set up your Firestick remote, so insert the batteries into the remote.

7. The remote should pair with the device automatically. In case if it doesn’t pair, press the Home button on your remote for 10 seconds. This will send your Firestick to the Discovery Mode, and the remote will pair with the device.

8. Once the remote is paired successfully with the Firestick, press the Play/Pause button to start the set-up process.

Press the Play/Pause button to set up Firestick

9. Next, Firestick will ask you to select the language, so highlight the preferred language and press the Select/OK button.

Select the language to set up Firestick

(ii) Connect Firestick to WiFi

1. After selecting the language, your Firestick device will scan for the available WiFi networks within the range. From the list of networks shown, select your WiFi network and enter the password.

your device will scan for the wifi network to set up Firestick

(iii) Register Firestick with an Amazon Account

1. Once your device is connected to WiFi, you have to register your device to your Amazon account. Your Firestick will be pre-registered if you have ordered it from Amazon.

2. If your device is not pre-registered, you should see the following window. And if you have an account, select the first option. If not, create an Amazon account first by clicking I am new to Amazon.

Sign in with your Amazon account to set up Firestick

3. Now, your Firestick will register your ID.

your firestick will be registered

4. When the registration is finished, Firestick will ask you to save your WiFi password to your Amazon account.

save your password

5. If you want to enable Parental Controls on your Firestick, click Enable Parental Controls on the next screen. If not, click on No parental Controls to proceed.

If you want enable parental controls

6. Finally, click on Get Started and select the streaming service you wish to install before getting started with Firestick. If you want to install later, click on No Thanks.

select your streaming device

7. That’s it, you have successfully set up your Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a monthly fee for Firestick?

No, there is no monthly fee to use Firestick. You have to pay for the streaming services to stream the media content.

2. Is Amazon Fire TV Stick easy to set up?

Yes, it is easy to set up Amazon Fire TV Stick.