How to Turn Off Roku Streaming Devices [All Models]

Turn Off Roku

When you notice closely, all the Roku remotes don’t have a turn off button. But that doesn’t mean that the Roku device can’t be turned off. You can’t always turn on the device as it will consume more electricity. You can turn off your Roku device anytime you want, and even you can set a timer so that Roku will turn off automatically. Unlike the standard TVs, none of the streaming devices have the direct turn off button. You need to go to the Settings menu to turn off the device.

All the Roku devices are low-power devices and are designed to stay powered on when not in use. The firmware updates, automatic app updates are downloaded when the device is not in use. If you want to completely turn off the Roku, it will abort all the background process, will be disconnected from the WiFi, and will be completely shut down.

How to Turn off Roku 4

Turn Off Roku

(1) On your Roku device, select the Settings option.

(2) In the Settings menu, choose the System option.

(3) Under the System Settings, select the Power option.

(4) Now, three options will appear. Auto Power Off, Power Off, and System Restart.

(5) Enabling Auto Power Off will turn off the Roku device if it is continuously inactive for 30 mins.

(6) Choosing Power Off will turn off the device immediately.

(7) System Restart will restart the Roku device.

How to Turn Off USB-Powered Roku Devices

Turn Off Roku

Roku devices like Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick are USB-powered devices. In those devices, there is no dedicated turn off feature in the Settings menu. If you want to turn off the Roku, all you need to do is to turn off your TV. By turning off your TV, the power supply to the Roku will be disconnected, and the device will turn off. If it is not powered by the TV’s USB port, remove the USB port associated with the Roku device, it will turn off.

USB-powered device

How to Turn Off Roku 3 or Older Models

Turn Off Roku

If you have Roku 3, Roku 2, or older models, you can’t turn off the device from the Settings menu. The only way to turn off the device is to unplug the device from the power source. By doing this will turn off the device completely and pause all the background updates. In addition to that, the older models of Roku will go to Power Save mode after 30mins of inactivity. In the Power Save mode, only the background updates will be active. You can do the same to turn off the Roku Ultra device too.

How to Turn Off Roku TV

(1) Go to Settings and choose the System Settings option.

(2) On the System Settings screen, choose the Power button.

(3) A list of options will appear. Choose the Auto power savings option.

(4) Now, two options will appear. Reduce power after 15 minutes will put your TV in Power Save mode after 15 mins of inactivity.

Auto power settings

(5) Turn off after 4 hours will turn off the TV after 4 hours irrespective of usage. This option is for people who tend to sleep while watching movies.

The modern-day streaming devices are not like conventional TVs and smartphones. There is no need to power off the device. The device will automatically go to Power Save mode and carry out pending software updates. If you want to minimize your data consumption, you can turn off your Roku manually and abort all the background updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my Roku turn off by itself?

Roku devices are designed in a way such that if it is inactive for a specified time, the device will turn off. You can change this in the Settings.

2. How do you turn off Roku with the remote?

You can go to Settings and choose the Power Off from the System Settings option.

3. How to turn off the Roku stick?

Roku Stick devices are USB-powered devices. You can turn off the device by unplugging it from the USB source.