How to Update NVIDIA SHIELD TV [Latest Version]

How to Update Nvidia Shield
How to Update Nvidia Shield

NVIDIA SHIELD TV is a group of products mainly designed for playing games and streaming related stuff. It is an Android-based digital media player. SHIELD Portable gaming device was the original one, and it got discontinued. Later they came up with products like tablets, TV, etc. We now have NVIDIA SHIELD TV, which is a set-top box. So this is the recently launched device and called just Shield or Shield TV. In its five years, it came up with more and frequent updates. Updating the NVIDIA SHIELD TV is very easy and fast. So here is how to update the NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

All the updates of NVIDIA SHIELD TV are pushed to NVIDIA and making it very simple to update. Once the new update is released for the device, you will receive the notification. You can set the automatic update. So that whenever an update comes, NVIDIA SHIELD will take care.


  • Turn on the NVIDIA SHIELD device.
  • Connect it to the internet.
  • Go to the home screen.
  • Then navigate to the Recommendation section.
  • Scroll and check for the Notifications for the update.
  • Now when you see the notification, click on it to open.
Restart and install - Nvidia Shield Settings
Restart and install – NVIDIA SHIELD Settings
  • Once done, confirm the update by clicking “Restart and Install.”
  • Your device will start installing the upgraded software, and it will restart automatically.

This is the way in which you can update the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. While updating, don’t turn off or unplug the device.

How to Check for Updates in NVIDIA SHIELD TV

If you cannot find the notification or missed it, you can check for the update in NVIDIA SHIELD and update it manually. Follow the steps to check for the manual updates on NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

  • Connect it to the internet.
  • From the home screen, go to the Settings menu.
Nvidia Shield Home Screen
  • Now choose the About option.
About option
NVIDIA SHIELD Settings – About
  • There you can see the Software version on the “SHIELD Android TV SW version.”
Settings System Update - Nvidia Shield
Settings System Update – NVIDIA SHIELD
  • Then choose the System Update Settings.
  • If the device is running on the latest version, you see a “Your System is up to date” notification.
Your System is up to date
Check For Update
  • Or else a pop-up will come to your rescue, which you have to confirm for the new update.
  • Click on “Restart and Install.”
  • Your device will restart, then download and install the new software update.

New Upgraded Version

And with frequent updates, we get lots and lots of new features that have given us a lot to enjoy. Recently we had the 8.2.1 version that has come with the following amazing features.

  • Remote Menu Button – Double-tap and long press, you can customize the functions.
  • 60 FPS AI upscaling – You can watch 60 FPS upscaled videos on YouTube and Twitch streaming.
  • HBO Max application on board.
  • Various new and upgraded applications and games.
  • It includes Android security patch level, SMBv3 for faster and secured connections.
  • You can convert local HDR videos to SDR.

And that’s it about upgrading the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Still, perplexed? Go to the comment section and write to us. We will come back with a perfect solution.

NVIDIA SHIELD: Update Issues

The new update seems to cause performance-related issues to the NVIDIA users. Few users are facing routine or regular crashes. The most common issues reported are the system crash, hang, non-responsive, freeze, reboot itself, installation issues, and apps disabled.

Troubleshooting NVIDIA Update Issues

To solve any of the above-mentioned issues, use the following troubleshooting techniques.

1). If you have enabled any of the accessibility services, turn it all off. Accessibility services have got a bigger impact on the system performance. So just turn them all off to make the device perform better. (Settings > Accessibility > Turn off the toggle)

2). The next best solution is to restart the NVIDIA SHIELD.

3). Check the device is connected to the internet, or try restarting your modem or router to ensure the perfect internet connection.

4). For Wi-Fi or Ethernet related issues, disable IPV6.

5). When your SHIELD shares files through SMB but cannot be found on the Windows Network browser, then use the below commands.

  • On Windows: Start > Right-click on Windows PowerShell > Run as Administrator. Run the command, Get-SmbConnection.
  • On Mac: Run command smbutil statshares -a.

6). Clear Caches: Go to Settings > Apps > Show All apps > Show System Apps > System Upgrade > Clear Data or Cache and try updating again.

8). Remove all the external devices like headphones and game controllers. Then, try again.

9). Turn off OK Google: System > Device Preference > System. Now turn off “Enable OK Google when TV is off (beta).”

10). Finally, go for a Factory Reset. This will erase all the data, apps, settings, and also bugs. So this may also help you to get rid of the issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the latest version of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV?

As of this writing, the latest version of NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the SHIELD EXPERIENCE 8.2.1.

2. What is the difference between the NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Pro?

The main difference is the memory. SHIELD TV has a microSD card slot, whereas the Pro has two USB slots.