How to Update Roku Firmware to the Latest Version

How to update Roku

Keep your Roku firmware updated to the latest version to get additional features and remove bugs on the older versions. Roku runs on RokuOS and like all other OS, you need to update the device whenever a new update is available. By updating the device, you can access the new features along with improved performances as well. Below are the methods to update Roku firmware to the latest version.

Roku is designed in such a way that all the updates are automated in the background. Whenever an update comes, the device will automatically download and install when the device is connected to the internet and not in use. But if you want to update the device manually, you can check whether there is an update available and update it manually with the below steps.

How to Update the Roku Streaming Device/TV?

Follow the steps below to update your device:

(1) Turn on your Roku and get to the Home screen.

(2) Navigate to the Settings option using the remote.

Settings option

(3) Under Settings, choose the System option.

Update Roku

(4) On the right pane, go to the System update option.

Update Roku

(5) Now, the current version, last checked time, and last updated information will appear. Click the Check now button.

Update Roku

(6) Your Roku will search for new updates. If an update is available, Roku will display it and starts downloading the update. Once the download is completed, Roku will start installing the update. It may take a few minutes for the device to install the update. Once the installation is completed, your device will restart and launch the updated version homepage.

Note: Roku might ask for a pin if you manually update your device. If you do not remember your pin, then you can reset your Roku pin with simple steps.

(7) If your device is already in the latest version, you will get the Check now screen.

Update your Roku to the new OS and get access to new features. Check for new updates every once in a while though it is automatically updated. Updating your Roku device will remove minor bugs and software issues in the previous versions. If you are facing any issues during an update, then you have to reset your Roku to continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if my Roku firmware is up to date?

Go to Settings -> System -> System Update -> Check Now. The device will check and let you know whether your device is up to date.

How do I update the Roku firmware to the latest version?

Roku will automatically update your firmware to the latest version. You can also update it manually with the steps mentioned above.

Will I lose any data or settings during the firmware update?

No, you will not lose any data when you update your device.