How to Watch Movies on MXQ Pro 4K Android TV Box

Movies on MXQ Pro 4K

MXQ Pro 4k is an Android-based streaming Media player. With this, you can download and install various Android apps on a non-android TV. This Android box can be used to stream various streaming applications like Hulu, YouTube, etc. Likewise, you can use this device to stream various movies both online and offline. Kodi is one of the best possible ways to watch movies on MXQ Pro 4K. Let us discuss it more.

Watch Movies on MXQ Pro 4K

As said earlier, Kodi is the best option to watch movies on MXQ Pro 4K. There are various other options too, but MXQ Pro 4K is the best device to use Kodi on. With umpteen Add-ons, this media player can play various movies both online and offline.

So Kodi is a perfect entertainment center. Kodi will connect you to the local networks and allows you to stream various contents that you have saved on your device. Moreover, it does also allow you to stream TVs, live TVs, and movies directly. Follow along to know how to use Kodi to stream movies on MXQ Pro 4k.

Watch Movies on MXQ Pro 4K

Use Kodi to Stream Movies on MXQ Pro 4K

If you are a new user, you got to set up your streaming box to TV first.

Step 1: Connect the Android box to your TV using the HDMI cable. Plugin the Streaming box to the power source using the provided supply. Now, connect it to the network either to WiFi or Ethernet.

Step 2: Kodi comes preinstalled on your MXQ Pro 4K. If not found, you can go to the Play Store and search for the app to download.

Step 3: On your Android TV box, go to Settings >> Security >> Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. This will help you to download various apps that are not officially available on the Play Store.

Step 4: Launch the Kodi app. Use a VPN to stay anonymous because some Add-ons are not legal. This may also bring copyright infringement issues. Using a VPN will also help you to avoid Geo-restrictions.

Step 5: On the Kodi app, scroll right to open Program >> Add ons >> Maintenance tools. Now Enable Zero Cache Settings. (This will save some space for you on your device).

Step 6: Then go back to the Kodi home screen. Choose Videos and then select Add ons.

Step 7: You can find the Add-on icon. Just click on it to get various Add-on options. There choose Movies.

Step 8: Now, you will get various options like search, featured, genre, most popular, highly rated, etc.

Step 9: You can find movies in all the options. They will be categorized under these menu options. To get what you want, go for Search. If you have no idea, then explore the sections to get the various suggestions.

Step 10: Type the name of the movie you want and click OK. Then choose through which you want to stream the movies.

And that’s it. You can now watch various movies on Kodi. You can also add the movies. Go to the Favorites section on the categories and choose the movie. Then, click Add to favorites.

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Wrapping Up

Though Kodi is the best option, you have also got various options like YouTube, Hulu, and various other streaming services. Download and install those apps to watch the movies. But still, Kodi is where you can find everything you want. Still, got queries? Write to us in the comment section.