How to Fix Hulu Error Code 503 on All Devices

learn to fix hulu error code 503

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming app. It has a huge collection of on-demand videos to stream. You can also stream live TV from the app. It supports a lot of channels and you can stream all the popular movies and TV shows from the app. Most often, people come across Hulu error code 503 when they launch the app. This error shows Service Unavailable message on the screen. This is an internal server error. When the server fails to connect to the server, you will get this error. You might get this error on any platform like Windows, Linux, Mac, Smart TVs, and more. Error code 503 can be solved quickly.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 503

Hulu error code 503 occurs if the server is under maintenance, the HTTP server fails, or the server is busy. To solve this problem, you can use the best seven fixes given below.

  • Check the status of the Hulu server
  • Delete the browser cache
  • Restart your device
  • Check the subscription plan
  • Solve the DNS error
  • Reinstall the Hulu app
  • Contact Hulu Support

Check the Status of the Hulu Server

Most of the time, Hulu error code 504 and 503 occurs due to technical glitches on the server-side. You cannot do anything with this issue. You have to wait until the support team rectifies the error. Otherwise, you can use DownDetector or ItsDownRightNow to find out whether the website is up or down. If Hulu is not working when you check, you can wait until the issue is resolved.

check the server if hulu error code 503 occurs

Delete the Browser Cache

If you are using a browser often, there will be so many temporary files stored. This might be a problem for error code 503. To resolve this, you can clear the browser cache. The below-given steps will help you to clear the cache on Google Chrome. You can use the same procedure for all the browsers like Firefox, Edge, and more.

1. Open Google Chrome and tap the three-dot menu.

2. Tap on the More Tools and then the Clear Browsing option.

delete the browser cache if hulu error code 503 occurs

3. Choose the All-Time option.

choose the all time option

4. Check the box near to Cached images and files.

check cached files and images option

5. Next, check the box near Browsing History or Cookies and other site data.

6. Click on the Clear Data option.

6. Now, open Hulu on your device and check if the error occurs.

Restart your Device

Restarting the device you use might solve the error code 503 problem. It doesn’t affect your device in any way, rather it just gives a fresh start. Whatever device you use, like a PC, laptop, or smart TV, you can restart. You can even restart the modem and the router that you use.

1. Make sure that the device you use is turned on.

2. Remove the power cord from the power outlet.

3. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and then replug the power cord into the power source.

4. Now, launch the Hulu app and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Check the Subscription Plan

Next, you have to check your subscription plan. If the plan is expired, you might get the error code 503. To avoid this, you can renew your subscription before the last date. Further, multiple subscriptions are now allowed for any app and the same rule applies to Hulu. So, check whether your Hulu subscription is still valid. Also, make sure that your Hulu account is signed in on not more than five devices.

check the subscription plan if you get hulu error code 503

Solve the DNS Error

Hulu error code 503 may also occur because of the incompatible DNS settings. To solve this problem, you can contact the internet service provider to solve DNS errors. If you are using Hulu on a PC, you can use the below-given steps to solve the DNS errors.

1. Open Command Prompt on your PC.

2. Enter the command ipconfig/flushdns and wait for sometimes for the command to run.

3. Wait until you get a Successfully Flushed DNS Resolver Cache message on the screen.

4. Now, restart the web browser and check whether the problem is solved.

Reinstall the Hulu App

Reinstalling the app can help you fix error code 503. Sometimes, your installation might not have been completed fully. So, you can uninstall the Hulu app from the device you use. Then, install the Hulu app from the respective app store. In this way, you will get the new version of the Hulu app. This may fix the error code.

Contact Hulu Support

If none of the fixes given above is not working for you, you can contact the Hulu support team. You can contact them directly and explain to them your problem or contact them through the mail. The team will help you with solutions.

These are the seven best fixes that you can use to fix the Hulu error code 503. This error code is related to the Hulu app, not to any specific devices. So, try the above solution on all the devices to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the error code 503 mean on Hulu?

The error code 503 means that there is an issue with the internal servers.

2. What causes error 503 on Hulu?

If you get error 503, it is because the server is down or has a slow internet connection.