How to Fix Hulu Error Code 504

Hulu Error Code 504

Error Code 504 is one of the common error codes that appear on the screen when trying to stream content from the Hulu app. You will get the error while watching movies, TV shows, and streaming live TV channels. It is usually associated with the gateway timeout issue. However, it can also happen due to corrupted cache files, firewall blocks, location ban, DNS configuration issues, or outdated applications.

Why does Hulu Error Code 504 Occur?

Before trying the troubleshooting fixes, you need to know the reason for the Hulu error code 504.

  • Geo Restriction: Hulu is available only in the USA. If you try to access it outside the USA, you will get the error code.
  • Corrupted Cache: Every device and app will store the cache files. In case the cache files are not removed or cleaned regularly, then the problem will occur.
  • Outdated App: Hulu application needs to be updated regularly with the newer version. If not, you get problems while streaming the Hulu content.
  • DNS Configuration issue: The users might get the error if your DNS server is not configured properly. So, you can try switching the DNS servers to avoid facing errors.
  • Firewall Block: There is a chance that the firewall may block you from accessing the Hulu app on your computer. Therefore, you need to whitelist the app in your firewall to stream it without any interruption.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 504

  • Check the Internet
  • Power Cycle your Router
  • Clear Browser Cache
  • Change DNS Server
  • Modify Firewall Settings
  • Update Hulu
  • Use VPN

#1: Check the Internet

The primary thing that you need to check is your internet WiFi connection. So, always make sure that your device is connected to a stable internet connection. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, try to change the modem’s location or near the device. Also, you can try restarting the modem by unplugging the modem and router and re-plug it again after a few seconds.

#2: Power Cycle your Router

You can also try restarting your home network to fix the Hulu error code that displays on your device.

  • Turn off your device and unplug both the modem and router from the power outlet.
  • Leave them all unplugged for a minute.
  • After that, plug in your router and turn your device.
  • Now, try to access Hulu and see if the error gets persists.

#3: Clear Browser Cache

Hulu error code 504- clear cache

Clearing browser caches is one of the effective ways to solve the Hulu error code 504. It is recommended to clear the cache regularly to avoid errors.

For Desktop: Open Google Chrome (or any browser) >> Click Menu >> Click on More Tool >> Select Clear browsing data >> Check on Cache and Cookies box >> Tap on Clear Data option. Now, open the Hulu app and check if the error gets fixed.

For Mobile Devices: Go to Settings >> Click on Apps >> Choose Hulu >> Click Storage >> Select Clear Cache >> Hit on Clear Data.

#4: Change DNS Server

To change the DNS server settings, follow the below guidelines.

[1] Click on the Start menu and select Run. You can also press Windows + R Key.

[2] To open the Network Management window, type ncpa.cpl in the text box.

 type ncpa.cpl

[3] The screen will show the pop-up window. Right-click on the WiFi connection and click on the Properties option.

Hulu Error Code 504- click on Properties option

[4] Then, double click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IPv4) option.

[5] Under the Properties section, check on the Use following DNS server address option.

[6] Enter the following DNS: or

[7] Now, click Apply and select OK to change the DNS server.

#5: Modify Firewall Settings

[1] Go to the Start menu and tap on the Run option.

[2] Then, enter Control Firewall.cpl and click on the Enter key.

enter Control Firewall.cpl

[3] Followed to that, click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall option.

 click Allow an app or feature through windows Defender Firewall option.

[4] Select the Change Settings option and select the Allow another app… button.

select the Allow another app  button.

[5] Click the Browse option and find the location of Hulu’s installation folder.

[6] Finally, tap Add option and close the window.

#6: Update Hulu Application

When you are using the older version of the Hulu app, you will get an error code 504 while accessing the application. So, whenever the new update is available, make sure to update it from the respective device’s app store.

On Android and iOS devices: Go to the respective app store and search for the Hulu app. Click on the Update option if available.

Using Windows devices: Navigate to Microsoft Store, click on the three-dotted icon, and select the Download and Updates option. Choose the Hulu application and check for the update.

#7: Use VPN

Hulu is available only in the USA. So, it is recommended to use the VPN service when you are trying to stream in a different location. You can download trustworthy VPNs and stream Hulu.


1. What does the error code 504 mean?

The error code 004 signifies the gateway timeout issues.

2. How to solve the Hulu error code 500?

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