How to Fix Hulu Error Code Rununk13

How to Fix Hulu Error Code Rununk13

For some time now, many Hulu users have encountered the Hulu Error code RUNUNK13 while trying to play a video on Hulu. The main reason for the error is data corruption or connection problems, which often appear on the Apple TV and iPhone. But in recent times, it even appeared on the other streaming devices, including Android phones, Android TV, tablet, Firestick, and Windows. To fix the Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13, here we have come up with this article with 10 troubleshooting solutions.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13

The following methods will help you fix the Error Code RUNUNK13.

Hulu Error Code Rununk13

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Whenever the issue or error happens while streaming the Hulu or any other app, the first thing to check is your internet connection. Hulu requires a high-speed connection, so if your internet connection is slow, you will get the Error code RUNUNK13.

2. Restart Your Network Hardware

Sometimes, the error will get fixed easily when you restart your router and modem. So, unplug your router or modem for 30 seconds to 1 minute and plug the modem back.

3. Reload the Video

It is better to reload the video or refresh the page to check if the Hulu error code is fixed. You can even navigate back and select the video again to check if you can stream it.

4. Restart Your Device

Restart your device

The other possibility of fixing Hulu Error code RUNUNK13 is by restarting your streaming device. First, you should shut down your device completely and restart it.

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5. Try Hulu on Other Devices

If the error code is not fixed even after reconnecting the internet or restarting the device, then you have to try using the Hulu app on any other device. With this, you shall identify if the issue is with the Hulu app or your device.

6. Check for Hulu Outage

Sometimes, Hulu will be down and it may be the reason for Hulu error code RUNUNK13 to appear on your screen. You can check for Hulu’s recent outage either from its official handle or using any online tools like DownDetector.

7. Clear Cache Data or Cookies

Clear Cache Data or Cookies

It is essential to clean and clear the Hulu app’s cache data and cookies. So, make sure to clear the cache data regularly to avoid facing Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13. We have listed the steps to clear the cache for different devices.

  • Android Device: Go to Settings > Click on Apps > Select See All Apps > Choose Storage and Cache > Click Clear Storage > Tap Clear Cache.
  • Fire TV: Select Settings > Navigate to Apps > Select Managed Installed Application> Choose Hulu > Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Apple TV: Select Menu and Home Button > Click Settings > Select System > Go to Restart.
  • Macbook: Move to Settings > Select General > Click on Storage > Choose Hulu > Uninstall Hulu > Reinstall it again.
  • Laptop: Click Start > Select Settings > choose Apps > Click on Apps and Features > Select Hulu app > Click Advanced option > tap Reset > select Delete Cache.

8. Update Hulu App

If you are using the old version of the Hulu app, there is a lot of chance to get the Error code RUNUNK13. So make sure to update the Hulu app whenever the new update is available. You can update the app from the respective device’s app store.

9. Clear Browser Cache

Try clearing the browser cache if you are using the browser to watch the Hulu app. Go to Preference > Privacy & Security > Clear Data and Cookies or Cache option. It might help to fix the corrupted data and allow you to stream Hulu without any error.

10. Delete and Reinstall Hulu App

You can delete the Hulu app on your device and once again reinstall it from the App Store. Error Code RUNUNK13 may occur when there is any data corruption. So, deleting the app completely and installing it again may help fix the issue.

11. Trying using Different Web Browsers

Hulu Error code RUNUNK 13 is common when using an incompatible web browser. You can try using different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Edge.

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12. Contact Hulu Support

If you still face the Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13 even after trying all the possible ways, the only solution is to contact the Hulu help center. You can contact them from the Hulu contact page or the official social media handle.


How do I fix the RUNUNK13 error?

Make sure to connect your device to a stable internet connection, restart your device, update the Hulu app or device and delete & reinstall the app.

How do I clear my Hulu cache?

Simply, go to Settings > Apps > Hulu > Storage > select Clear Cache and Clear Data.