How to Install Kanopy on Firestick [Working Guide]

Kanopy on Firestick

Some peoples love only a specific genre of movies and TV shows. If you are one of them and your genre is Classic Cinema and Indie Film, Kanopy got you covered. In Kanopy, you can get to watch over 30000 documentaries, videos from public libraries and universities. To access the app, you can use your authorized library card or your university ID. The best thing is that the Kanopy app is available for Firestick too.

Kanopy app is available on the Amazon App Store. You can install the app without any third-party installers. The app also offers children’s content in the name of Kanopy Kids. Parents can browse educational video content for all age groups of children. You can use the Kanopy app for free if you have a partner library card or university ID.

Procedure to Install Kanopy on Firestick

(1) Switch on your Fire TV Stick and wait until the Home screen appears.

(2) On the Home screen, go to the Search icon on the top left of the screen.

Kanopy on Firestick

(3) The on-screen keyboard will appear. Enter the term Kanopy and search.

Kanopy on Firestick

(4) Select the Kanopy app from the list of apps.

(5) On the next screen, tap the Get icon to download and install the app.

(6) After the app is downloaded, tap the Open icon to launch the Kanopy app on your Fire TV Stick.

Procedure to Activate Kanopy on Firestick

When you open the Kanopy app, you can browse through video titles. But you can’t watch or stream video titles. To watch them, you have to activate the app from your smartphone or PC.

(1) Open the Kanopy app on your Fire TV and go to the Settings menu.

(2) Click the Link My Account option. An activation code will appear.

(3) Then, go to the Kanopy Activation website on your PC and sign in with your Kanopy account. For a smartphone app, open the Kanopy app and go to Link Your Device menu.

Activation code

(4) Enter the activation code on your PC or smartphone.

(5) When the activation is successful, you will get the successfully activated screen.

(6) Then, tap the Start Watching button to watch all the 30000 documentaries on your Firestick.

Install the Kanopy app on your Firestick and get access to 30000 classic & indie video titles. Use your library card or university ID to watch all the video titles for free. Don’t forget to activate the Kanopy app on your Fire TV. Without the activation, you can’t watch any videos. Share your favorite documentaries from Kanopy in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What devices support Kanopy?

You can install the Kanopy app on numerous devices like Android smartphones, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, and more.

2. Does Kanopy work with Firestick?

Yes, the Kanopy app will work on all the Amazon Fire TV devices.