How to Get on Roku TV [Easy Guide] on Roku is the largest and leading classical music channel that offers 2,800+ concerts, ballets, operas, documentaries, and master classes. You can also Livestream the most highly anticipated international events and replay the event once it is over. It offers high-quality content by working with pioneering sound and video engineers and gives you a futuristic experience because everybody likes to see their favorite artists at their best. Further, it allows you to learn Classical music from the greatest musicians and coach emerging artists in technique, musicianship, and subtleties of the score. You can stream 75 years of historical footage from black and white film to today’s 4K technology. is compatible with all devices, including Roku, and you can also Chromecast or AirPlay on your TV screen. Now, go on with this article to learn the two different ways to install and stream on Roku.

How to Install on Roku

Quick Guide: Press the Home button on the Roku TV remote >> Streaming Channels >> Search Channels >> search and pick >> Add Channel >> Go to Channel >> Sign In.

1. Plug in the Roku Streaming player in the HDMI port on your TV.

2. Go ahead to connect Roku TV to WIFI or the internet.

3. Press the Home button on your remote to navigate the home screen.

4. Select Streaming Channels from the menu.

select streaming channels on Roku

5. Click Search Channels on the next screen.

tap search channels

6. Type in the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

7. Select the from the search results.

8. Tap Add Channel on the description page to install on your device.

9. Wait till the app gets installed on your device.

10. Once the process is over, hit the OK button in the prompt.

11. Then, tap the Go to Channel button to launch the app.

12. Sign in with login credentials and start streaming on your streaming player.

Alternative Way to Get on Roku

You can also install on Roku from the Roku Channel Store website.

1. Launch a web browser and navigate to the Roku Channel Store website.

2. Tap the sign In tile to sign in with your account details.

sign in with your Roku account

3. Next, type on the search bar using the virtual keyboard.

4. Pick the app from the search results.

5. Tap Details to know more about the app.

6. Next, click the + Add Channel button to install and add on your device.

7. Once the app is added, you can stream Roku app on your TV. on Roku

You can rely on any of the above methods to install and stream on Roku and stream your favorite concert on your Roku device. And you need to subscribe to to watch all the Livestreams, cast to your TV screen, and enjoy the ad-free streaming experience. Further, you can also download the videos and watch them offline in high quality with its monthly or yearly subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is available in the Roku Channel Store?

Yes, the Medici. tv app is available in the Roku Channel Store and you can directly install the app on Roku from the Channel Store.

2. How much does cost?

You can access for free but to access all the features you need premium plans that cost $8.60 per month and $ 90.30 per year.