How to Stream MotorTrend on Roku [All Ways]

MotorTrend TV on Roku

MotorTrend TV is an American sports channel that is supported on Roku devices. It airs automotive-themed shows and occasionally airs sports events. You can gather knowledge about the automobile industry by watching the MotorTrend TV channel. Most users enjoy watching this channel and they learn new tricks every time they watch it. You can also access this channel from devices like Android mobiles, iOS mobiles, and more.

A steady internet connection and a cable TV subscription account are needed to stream the MotorTrend TV. Streaming services like Hulu, Sling TV also provide MotorTrend TV. You can choose any medium to stream it based on your preference.

How to Install MotorTrend on Roku TV

1. Setup the Roku device on your TV and connect to an internet connection.

2. Select the Streaming Channels option from the home menu.

Select Streaming Channels.

3. Now, select the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels to search for MotorTrend on Roku TV.

4. In the Search Bar, type MotorTrend and search for it.

5. Select MotorTrend on the list of available devices.

6. Then, select the Add channel button to install it on your Roku TV.

Alternative Way to Get MotorTrend on Roku

1. Go to the Roku Channel Store website.

2. Sign in with the same account that you used on your Roku device.

3. Search for MotorTrend in the Search Bar in the upper right corner.

Search for MotorTrend.

4. Click on the Add Channel button.

Select the Get Option to Install.

5. The MotorTrend application will get installed on your Roku device.

How to Activate MotorTrend on Roku TV

1. Open the MotorTrend app on your Roku. The MotorTrend’s activation code will display on your screen.

2. Go to the MotorTrend activation website. Enter the Activation Code and click on Activate.

Enter the activation code.

3. Enter your cable TV subscription account to verify the account.

5. Finally, you can stream MototorTrend on your Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get MotorTrend on Roku?

Yes, the MotorTrend application is available in Channel Store.

2. Is Motor Trend on Amazon Prime?

Yes, the MotorTrend channel is available on Amazon Prime.