How to Watch Netflix on Xbox 360 / Xbox One

Netflix made a revolution in the streaming industry. You can watch various movies, TV shows, documentaries on Netflix. They also have their own original content. It’s fun to watch that plethora of content on your TV. The ardent games fan who is slightly driven to Netflix doesn’t have to give up their Xbox. Yes, we can download the Netflix application on the gaming console.

Netflix on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Originally you have to put the videos you want to watch on the queue and then watch it on the Xbox. But then, now you can download the app and browse it on Xbox. So you wouldn’t have any extra works. Moreover, you don’t need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. But then you would require a Netflix subscription. Choose any one of the following plans. Get the subscription from the Netflix website.

  • Basic – $8.99/month for 1 device
  • Standard – $12.99/month for 2 devices
  • Premium – $15.99/month for 5 devices

How to Setup Netflix on Xbox

Step 1: Turn on your Xbox Console. And then log in to your Xbox Live Profile.

Step 2: Now, on the home screen, scroll down, and select the Microsoft Store. Press A on the controller to open it.

Xbox Home screen
Xbox Home screen

Step 3: Once the Microsoft Store opens, hover to the Search field. And then press the A button.

Search on Xbox Microsoft Store
Search on Xbox Microsoft Store

Step 4: Type Netflix using the controller to navigate through the on-screen keyboard.

Step 5: From the suggestion, choose the Netflix application.

Step 6: Place the cursor on the Install tab. And press the A button.

Install Netflix on Xbox
Install Netflix on Xbox

Step 7: The Netflix app will be downloaded on your Xbox 360 console. You will see a Launch button. Click on the button to open the app.

Step 8: Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the initial setup. Just login with your username and password.

You can now find the app under the My Games and Apps list.

And that’s it. Now you can watch Netflix on your Xbox 360 or any other Xbox console. It is applicable for both Xbox One and Xbox Live. If you have any doubts, write to us in the comment section below.

Netflix on Xbox 360 / Xbox One Not Working

Sometimes the app may not be working as we expected. There may be loading issues, black screen issues, sound may not sync, and so on. All the issues can be resolved with a few basic troubleshooting techniques.

1). First, Close the app once and then open it again. Simply restart the app. Check whether you have logged in to the correct account. Also, know the expiry date of your current plan, Because Netflix wouldn’t load if the plan ends.

2). Check for any new updates for the Netflix app. Sometimes, not updating may also cause some issues.

3). Try uninstalling the app and reinstall the Netflix app again. Also, check for the internet connection if you couldn’t install the app.

4). Now, if all the above three techniques are not helping, there is probably a problem with the console. So turn it off and on again or restart the Xbox console.

  • Press and hold the Xbox button. Then choose Restart Console > Restart.
  • Press the Xbox button. Profile & System > Settings > General > Power mode & Startup. Then choose Restart Now.
  • Switch off the console by holding the Xbox button for 10 seconds. Turn it on back.
  • Disconnect the power cord and wait for 30 seconds. Then plug the cord into the power source.

5). Above all, the Netflix app may not load a few contents, or the app itself wouldn’t work in few regions due to geographical restrictions. So try using a VPN that can support Netflix.

6). The Xbox may run out of storage so just clear all the caches and also get some storage space by erasing unnecessary stuff.

7). Check whether your Xbox firmware has got any new updates. If so, update Xbox console firmware. If any new update is available, you will be notified.

  • You can also update the console from Xbox Live. Home > Gear (Settings) > All Settings > Network Settings > Test Xbox Live connection. From the notification, you can get the update.
  • Press the home button. Home > Gear (Settings) > All Settings > Updates and Downloads > Keep my console up to date.

8). If none of the above methods helps, then finally try Resetting your Xbox. But make sure to have all your login account credentials to get back your contents and settings. While resetting, all the contents and settings will be gone, and the device goes back to default factory settings.

  • Press the home button. Then choose Home > Gear (Settings) > All Settings > System > Console Info > Reset Console > Reset and Keep or Reset Everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get Netflix on Xbox one?

Yes, you can. Get the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store.

2. Is Netflix free on Xbox one?

You can install the app for free. But to watch movies and series, you need to have an active subscription.