Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124- 5210: How to Fix

Error Code 2124- 5210

Error code 2124-5210 relates to the connection problem between the console and the Nintendo server. This usually happens when there is a temporary server outage, communication glitch, corrupt firmware, and ISP restrictions. Most of the users encounter this error code on different games like Minecraft and Pokemon while launching or during the game. However, this has to be resolved from the Nintendo side. Meanwhile, you can try out the few troubleshooting solutions listed in the below article.

How to Troubleshoot Error Code 2124- 5210

  • Restart your Console and Router
  • Change the DNS Settings
  • Re-add the WiFi connection
  • Reset the Nintendo Switch

Restart your Console

Restarting the Nintendo Switch console will clear the communication glitch between the Switch and the servers. The following steps will guide you.

[1] On your Nintendo Console, press and hold the Power button.

[2] The power option will appear on the screen. Select Turn off and then turn off your router.

Error Code 2124- 5210- select Turn off

[3] Next to that, unplug the cable from the power cord and wait for 2-3 minutes.

[4] Then, plug the cable back into the socket and power it on.

[5] Now, check if the error code 2124- 5210 still persists.

Change the DNS Settings

When your DNS of the network fails to recognize or translate the Nintendo server, then you may encounter the error code 2124-5210. So, changing the DNS will resolve the error.

[1] Select the System Settings and go to the Internet tab.

[2] Open Internet Settings and click the Internet.

[3] Then, select the Change Settings option and click on Manual.

select Change Settings

[4] Enter the primary DNS as and secondary DNS as

[5] Finally, click Save to change the settings and restart the Switch console and see if the error still appears.

Error Code 2124- 5210- click Save

Remove the WiFi connection

Another solution that may solve the problem is removing the WiFi connection and adding it again.

[1] Select the System Settings menu and click on the Internet tab.

[2] Click on Internet Settings and choose WiFi or Ethernet.

Click Internet > internet settings

[3] To delete the connection, click on the Delete Settings option. For a WPS-security connection, go to Advanced Setup and delete the related files.

click on Delete Settings option

[4] Now, click on Confirm option to delete the connection settings. Then, restart the console.

[5] After restarting, you can add the WiFi connection to the console to see whether the error code gets clear.

[6] If the error still persists, try using another network as a mobile hotspot.

Reset the Nintendo Switch

In case the Nintendo Switch’s firmware is corrupted, then it may fail to perform the required task. However, you can perform a factory reset on the Nintendo Consoles to clear the error.

[1] Before getting into the steps, power off the Nintendo Switch and remove the SD card from the device.

Click on System settings

[2] Then, go to System Settings on the Nintendo console and locate the System tab.

[3] Click Formatting Options and enter the Parental Control PIN, if required.

Click Formatting Options

[4] Next, click on Initialize Console option and select Next.

click on Initialize Console option

[5] Select Restore Factory Settings and wait for the console to get reset completely.

[6] Once done, set up the Nintendo Switch and see if the error code 2124-5210 still persists.

You can also update the Nintendo Switch to fix the error code. Updating your Nintendo Switch console will fix the minor errors in the old update and bring new features to the console.


1. What does error code 2124 5210 mean?

The error code 2124-5210 indicates the server issue, which means that the console fails to communicate to the online server.

2. Why does my Nintendo Switch keep saying an error has occurred?

If your console is outdated, you get the error codes. So, check and update the console to the latest version.