How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502 usually occurs when there is a bad DNS or errors related to the internet and WiFi network. You will get the error code when connecting to the internet, updating the Nintendo Switch console, updating apps on Nintendo Switch, or opening a game for the first time. Let’s see how to resolve the 2123-1502 error code.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

  • Try Again
  • Enable & Disable Airplane Mode
  • Restart Nintendo Switch
  • Check the Internet
  • Clear Cache
  • Restart the router
  • Change DNS Settings
  • Reset Nintendo Switch
  • Contact ISP

Try Again

When you get this error, simply press OK and try to download it again by tapping the Continue button. Try for few more times. This may fix the error.

Enable & Disable Airplane Mode

If you have the 2123-1502 error code on your Nintendo Switch console, try turning on & off the Airplane mode. This will resolve all the internet connectivity issues.

[1] Go to System Settings on your Nintendo Switch console.

[2] Under Support/Health & Safety, turn on the Airplane mode.

[3] After a few minutes, turn off the Airplane mode.

Restart Nintendo Switch

Restarting your gaming console might help to get rid of this issue. To do so, press the Power button for three seconds and select the Power Option. Select the Restart option to restart the Nintendo Switch console.

Restart your device

Check the Internet

Double check whether your Nintendo Switch is connected to a good internet connection. If not, connect it properly. Make sure that your router is delivering constant internet. Try connecting your console to a different connection.

Clear Cache

Sometimes, too much of cache files will affect your console’s performance. Delete the cache on your console and try again. To do so,

[1] From the Home Menu, select System Settings.

[2] Choose System.

[3] Next to that, select Formatting options.

[4] Select Reset Cache and choose the user that you wish to clear the cache data.

 Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502- clear cache

[5] To confirm, tap on the Reset option.

This will help you to delete cookies, history, and website cache data. The downloaded games or game save data will remain undeleted.

Restart the router

Remove your router and modem from the power outlet and leave them unplugged for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then, reconnect it again and check whether the error gets solved.

Change DNS Settings

Another best fix you can try is, changing your console’s DNS settings. Changing the DNS settings will resolve all the connectivity issues.

[1] Navigate to System Settings and choose Internet.

[2] Select the Internet Settings.

[3] From the list, select your WiFi Network.

[4] Select Change Settings.

[5] Scroll down and change DNS Settings to Manual.

[6] Choose your primary DNS Address to

[7] Set your secondary DNS address to

[8] Finally, click Save and try downloading again.

Reset Nintendo Switch

You can also try resetting your console to its factory settings. But, resetting the Nintendo Switch Console will delete all the data and games installed in it. Before resetting, make sure to get all the necessary backups.

Contact ISP

If nothing works out after trying all the possible fixes, then you can try contacting your internet service provider.


1. How do I fix error code 2123-1502?

Try connecting your gaming console to a strong internet connection, restart your console, change your DNS settings, and clear the cache.

2. Does clearing cache delete game progress?

No, the downloaded games or game data will not be deleted.