How to Watch Outdoor Channel on Firestick [Explained]

Outdoor Channel on Firestick

The Outdoor Channel offers programs based on outdoor activities. It includes hunting, fishing, western lifestyle, motorsports, adventures, and shooting short-form videos. Outdoor Channel can be accessed on Firestick by installing the MyOutdoorTV app from the Amazon App Store. You can start your free trial pack for 7 days to test its service. You can cancel the monthly or yearly subscription at any time. With the MyOutdoorTV app, you can download episodes for offline access. It features the world’s biggest outdoor library with more than 20,000 full episodes. MyOutdoorTV is accessible from all devices such as Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku, etc. You can also screen mirror the MyOutdoorTV app from Android Phones and iPhones as it is officially available on Play Store and App Store.

How to Watch Outdoor Channel on Firestick

Quick Start Guide: On Firestick homepage >> Select Search >> Enter MyOutdoorTV >> Download and install MyOutdoorTV app >> Search and stream Outdoor Channel titles.

The steps to install the MyOutdoorTV app from Amazon App Store are as follows.

1) Connect the Firestick to the TV’s HDMI port and open the Firestick home page on the TV screen.

2) Choose the Search tile under the Find menu.

Tap Search

3) Enter the app name MyOutdoorTV in the search bar using the virtual keyboard. Press Enter.

4) Search results display all the related apps from the Amazon App Store. Select the MyOutdoorTV app.

5) Click on the Get option to download the app on Firestick.

6) After downloading, it will get installed and available on Firestick.

7) Open the app to enter the login details of MyOutdoorTV subscriptions.

8) With this, you can enjoy watching Outdoor Channel content.

MOTV on Firestick

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Alternate Way: How to Get MyOutdoorTV on Firestick using Smartphones

If you are a Smartphone user, you can screen mirror your phone to a Firestick-connected TV screen and enjoy watching Outdoor Channel by MyOutdoorTV mobile app. Make sure you connect your smartphone and Firestick to the same Wi-Fi network.

1) If you hold an Android phone, get the MyOutdoorTV app from Google Play Store.

Get MOTV app from Google Play Store
  • However, if you have an iPhone, get the app from the App Store.
Get MOTV app from App Store

2) In Firestick remote, hold the Home button. It displays four options: Apps, Sleep, Mirroring, and Settings.

3) From the options displayed, navigate to click on the Mirroring option to enable it on Firestick.

Enable Mirroring in Firestick to stream Outdoor Channel content

4) On your Android device, go to Control Center and select the Cast option.

  • In iPhone, go to the notification panel and select the Screen Mirroring option.
Select cast icon

5) Select your Firestick device from the devices list. Now, the Android/iOS begins to screen mirror onto the Firestick TV screen.

Select Screen Mirroring

6) Open the MyOutdoorTV app on your Phone and select the content. With that, the content will automatically play on the Firestick TV screen.

Select Outdoor Channel content from MOTV app

 7) Finally, you can enjoy watching Outdoor Channel content on the Firestick TV screen.

With the MyOutdoorTV app, you can watch shows like The Crush, Pigman, Bone Collector and you can also watch Fishing League shows. It has an average of 10000 episodes of outdoor lives to its subscribers. In addition, 100 episodes are getting added to it every month. MyOutdoorTV is powered by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, and World Fishing Network. You can also watch Outdoor Channel shows without the MyOutdoorTV app with streaming services like Sling, Hulu, and Fubo TV.


1. Is Outdoor Channel is available on Philo TV?

No, Philo doesn’t offer an Outdoor Channel. In addition, YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream also do not include Outdoor Channel.

2. What is the cost of the MyOutdoorTV app?

You can get MyOutdoorTV for a monthly subscription at $9.99.

3. Is the MyOutdoorTV app available on Amazon Fire TV?

It is available only on Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire Cube. Amazon Fire TVs are not yet supported.

4. Can I stream MyOutdoorTV on Amazon Prime?

Yes. MOTV is available on Amazon Prime Video at $9.99/month.