How to Set Up Parental Control on Roku

Cable TV has now been replaced by streaming devices. Roku streaming devices are one of the best streaming devices out there. It contains a lot of streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Discovery Plus, and much more. So, there are possibilities that your kids can be exposed to content that are not suitable for them to view. On such occasions, the only possible way to safeguard our kids from harmful content is by turning on Parental Controls. With Parental Control on Roku, you can manage what your kids watch, and control what channels or content they install or purchase.

How to Set Up Parental Control on Roku

You can enable Parental Control on Roku in two different ways.

  • Through Roku Website
  • Through Roku Device

Set Up Parental Control on Roku Through Roku Website

[1] On your PC or smartphone, launch the Google Chrome browser.

[2] Visit the Roku website and select Sign In.

Roku Sign In

[3] Click on the Avatar icon and choose My Account.

[4] Next to that, select PIN Preference > Update.

Parental Control on Roku-Select Update

[5] Now, click the Always requires a PIN to make purchases and add items from the Channel Store checkbox.

Click Always requires a PIN to make purchase and add items from the Channel Store.

[6] You need to set your parental control Four-digit PIN.

[7] Slightly scroll down and choose your kids type (Little kids, Young Kids, or Teens)

[8] After choosing, click on the Save Changes button.

[9] Now, the parental control feature will get enabled. In case your kids want to access or add a channel, it will ask for the parent control PIN.

Set Up Parental Control on Roku Through Roku Device

[1] From the Roku home screen, choose the Settings button.

Select Settings> Parental control

[2] Select Parental Controls and set a four-digit PIN.

Parental Control on Roku- Set 4 digit PIN

[3] Click Enable Parental Controls under the TV Tuner section.

[4] Then, select Movie Ratings followed to that choose General Audience.

[5] Finally, select the Block all Unrated Programs option. This will prevent your kids from watching unwanted programs or channels.

How to Hide Movie Store and TV Store

On a Roku device, you can even hide the Roku Store from your kids and the steps are as follows.

[1] Switch on your Roku device to view the Roku home screen.

[2] Navigate to Settings and click Home Screen. In the top right corner, tap the Dropdown arrow.

[3] Then, click Movie Store and TV Store option and hit the Hide button.

[4] Now, you will see the Roku Store will get hidden. To view the Roku Store, tap on the Show button.


1. Does Roku TV have parental control?

Yes, Roku TV has the same parent control options as the Roku streaming devices.

2. Can I block YouTube on Roku?

You can’t block any specific app on Roku. You can set a pin code and uninstall the app. So, the next time, someone tries to install the YouTube app on Roku, it will ask for the pin.