How to Setup Parental Controls on PS5 [PlayStation 5]

Parental Controls on PS5

In this digital age, most parents worry about their children’s safety, especially when they’re playing or browsing online. One of the best ways to monitor and restrict your child’s activity is by enabling parental controls. Almost all models of PlayStation consoles have an option to turn on parental controls. Configuring parental controls on PS5 is super easy to do and takes a little time.

Parental controls allow you to do various tasks such as restricting playtime, browser, chat, sharing, and much more. It protects our children from watching harmful content on the internet and also reduces our kids’ game addiction, thereby allowing them to focus on other important things.

How to Set Parental Controls on PS5

Similar to setting parental controls on PS4, the foremost thing to do is to create an adult account. If you’re new to the Playstation family, make sure to create a family manager account for yourselves. Then, create an account for your child by entering the necessary details. You can create a child account in Family Management Settings. After completing the above-mentioned steps, you’ll be ready to enable Parental Controls on PS5. To do that, follow the steps listed below,

1. Change System Restriction Password

1) Turn on your PS5 console.

2) On your PS5 controller, press the Playstation button

Press the PS5 button

3) Tap your primary PSN account and sign in to it using the required credentials.

Sign in to your PSN account

4) Once you’re in, tap the Gear icon at the top right corner of the interface.

Tap Settings

5) Scroll down and click the option Family and Parental Controls.

Click Family and Parental Controls

6) Select the first option, PS5 Console Restrictions.

Select PS5 Console Restrictions

7) Enter the PS5 restriction passcode. If you’re setting it up for the first time, enter the default passcode 0000.

Enter the default passcode 0000

8) Now, you’ll be taken to PS5 restriction settings.

9) Navigate to the bottom and select Change Your Console Restriction Passcode.

Tap Change Your Console Restriction Passcode

10) Change the default passcode and set your desired passcode. Ensure to set a difficult and memorable passcode. If you have a problem remembering passcodes, store or backup the passcode in your cloud or any password vaults.

2. Customize Play Time Settings

1) Navigate to PS5 Settings by tapping the Gear icon displayed on the home screen.

2) Locate and tap Family and Parental Controls Settings.

3) Click the Family Management option and tap your child’s account.

Click Family Management

4) Change the Time Zone and click Play Time settings.

5) Now, set your restrictions and select Save.

Customize Playtime settings and enable Parental Controls on PS5

3. Spending Limit and Communication

1) Open PS5 settings and click Family and Parental Controls Settings.

2) Tap the Family Management settings and select your kid’s account.

3) Look for the option Parental Controls and click it.

4) On the screen, you’ll see the option Monthly Spending Limit.

5) Tap it and set your desired spending limit. If you want to block the purchases, select the first option, $0.00

Choose monthly spending limit and set Parental Controls on PS5

6) On the same page, you’ll find an option Communication and User-Generated Content. Restricting this option disables the communication between other players. In addition, it also restricts the receiving or sending of videos, text messages, or image sharing to other players. Select this option and customize it.

7) After finishing all the customization, click Save.

4. Web Browser and VR

1) Launch PS5 Settings and select Family and Parental Controls.

2) Click the Family Management option and choose the kid whom you want to set the parental controls.

3) Locate and tap the option Parental Controls.

4) Look for the option Web Browsing on the screen and click it.

5) Customize and change the option from Don’t Restrict to Restrict. Now, your child cannot access the browser.

6) Navigate back to the Parental Controls screen and select the Use of PlayStation VR option.

7) Tap Restrict and prevent your kid from using the VR feature.

8) After completing the above settings, save the changes by selecting Save.

Restrict the web browsing and VR to enable Parental Controls on PS5

5. Age Rating

1) Go to PS5 Settings and tap Family and Parental Controls settings.

2) Select Family Management and tap the name of your kid.

3) Locate the option Parental Controls and under the Age level for Games & Apps heading, select PS5. Set your desired age level. You’ll also find the ESRB ratings below the respective age level. Make sure to set a lower age level as it highly restricts the games and apps that are inappropriate.

Click PS5 and change the age level

4) Go back to the Parental Control Settings and set Restrict for both the option Blu-ray Disc and DVD.

Restrict the use of Blu-ray Disc and DVD

If you have a PS3 console, check our detailed guide on how to set up parental control on PS3.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does PS5 have Parental Controls?

Yes, like other PlayStation consoles, PS5 also has an option to enable Parental Controls.

2. How to make an exception for restricted games on PS5?

Go to PS5 settings > Family and Parental Controls > Family Management > Kid’s account > Allowed Games. Here, you can manage the exception requests.

3. How to disable PS5 parental Controls?

To disable parental controls, navigate to Settings > Family and Parental Controls > PS5 Console Restrictions > Click the toggle switch placed near the option Temporarily Disable PS5 Console Restrictions.