How to Add and Use Peloton on Roku

Peloton on Roku

Staying fit is no more a gym-thing if you have access to Peloton. Of lately, Peloton has arrived for Roku platforms. Thus letting anyone at home to work out, sweat along with the instructors, and stay fit. It will transform your space or equipment into your private fitness studio. Since Peloton is all about streaming workouts, Roku users will find tens and hundreds of on-demand classes taught by professionals. It has every other fitness routine you are looking for under classified genres. You will even find classes for hardcore exercises like HIIT, strength training, etc. Read the article further if you are looking forward to using Peloton on Roku.

How to Add Peloton on Roku?

Take a look at the possible ways in which you can install Peloton on your Roku TV.

Using Roku Channel Store

(1) Press the Home button of the Roku TV remote to go to its home menu.

  • You need internet access to add Peloton channel on Roku devices. Make sure to connect Roku to it.

(2) Select Streaming Channels on the left sidebar to open Roku Channel Store.

Select Streaming Channel

(3) Choose Search Channels to type in the name as Peloton or select a category to find the same.

  • Use Rewind or Fast Forward button on Roku remote to navigate up or down to page.
Search Channel

(4) Choose Peloton tile and press OK button on the remote to learn more about it.

This will show you the channel details and ratings.

(5) On the Channel info screen, select Add Channel button.

You will find Buy button if you are about to access Peloton premium version.

(6) If in case you have set Roku PIN, then you will be prompted to enter it. Otherwise, you shall follow the payment procedure.

Using Roku Website

Even if you are away from Roku TV, Peloton channel can be added with the help of Roku website.

(1) Connect Roku TV and your PC to the same internet access.

(2) Open a tab on a browser in your PC and visit

(3) Navigate to click on Sign In link at the top most right corner.

  • Enter the same Roku account login credentials as that of your Roku device.
  • If in case you don’t an account, click on Create an account.
Sign In to Roku Account

(4) Click on the Search bar to type as Peloton and press Enter key.

Select Peloton

(5) When the search result gets displayed, click on the Peloton tile.

  • Clicking on Details button will take you the channel info screen.
Select Peloton

(6) Click on Add Channel button to add it to the Roku device.

Add Channel

(7) It may take up to a maximum of 24 hours for Peloton to be made available on Roku.

  • Roku check the system every 24 hours for any new changes and thus updates the addition of Peloton.
  • To access it instantly, go to Roku Settings > System > System update > Check Now. This will update the device and thereby adds Peloton instantly.

Using Roku Mobile App

Peloton is available for Android and iOS. It can be added to the Roku device from either of the devices with the Roku Mobile App. Get it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively, if you don’t own it.

(1) Go to the Apps column of the smart phone to open the Roku Mobile app.

(2) Tap on the Channels icon available on the navigation bar at the lower portion of the screen.

  • Those using Roku Mobile App has to select Connect and pair it to the Roku TV.

(3) Click on the Channel Store tab at the top and use the search icon to look for Peloton.

(4) On the search suggestion, select Peloton to further proceed.

(5) Click on the Add Channel button to add Peloton to Roku TV.

(6) Enter the Roku PIN if you have set it to complete the downloading.

  • Just like the above method, Roku would take up to 24 hours to add Peloton.

Procedure to Use Peloton on Roku

Get to know the steps to use Peloton channel on the Roku TV.

(1) You shall have to launch Peloton channel on Roku TV.

(2) Select Log In button if you already have a Peloton All Access or Digital Membership to enter the credentials.

  • Else click on Create Account and follow the screen instructions to create a new account and start with a 30-day free trial.
Log In or Sign Up for Peloton Account on Roku

(3) Now, browse through the classes and disciplines available to select one.

(4) A full library of fitness classes under the genre will be shown.

  • Use filters to refine your search to select the class that you want to take.

(5) Click on Start button to take the fitness training from Peloton on Roku TV.

  • This screen will show you the description, equipment, ratings, difficulty level, and more.
Play a Class on Peloton Roku

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That was all about adding and accessing Peloton on Roku. If you find any issues, we are sure to hear it from the comments section.